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Citizens who believe that they have been injured and/or their property has been damaged by the D.C. Fire and EMS Department must file a claim with the District of Columbia government within how long of the sustained damage or injury?

6 months


Special Reports addressing snow chain needs will be submitted by when?

July 31st


Who is responsible to determine the validity of a request to expedite a report?
Battalion Fire Chief

First endorsing official


Who is responsible for submitting Special Reports to their division commander advising of the opening of new streets and roadways or the extension of existing thoroughfares?

Commanders of truck companies of respective local alarm districts


How long will it take a report that is expedited to proceed through the chain-of-command?

A single work day


Who should the on-duty company officer immediately report the death or serious injury of active personnel of the Department to?

Office of Unified Communications (OUC)


All fire hydrant rings are available through who?

Risk Management Division Safety Officer


Companies involved with fire prevention displays at schools, firehouse visits by school children, or other community events will restrict children below what age from getting in or on fire apparatus?

Below the age of seven


What does an asterisk after a member’s name indicate on a personnel roster?

The member has not performed duty in their regularly assigned company for a period of over sixty (60) days


What agents are authorized to conduct any and all investigative activities in the furtherance of an internal Affairs investigation?

All Office of Internal Affairs agents


A member shall be notified of an alleged infraction or complaint filed against him/her, in writing, within seventy-five (75) days after the alleged infraction or complaint or such time as the employer becomes aware of the alleged infraction or complaint. This notification shall be referred to as the what?

Initial Written Notification


Where should challenges of Proposed Actions in which the maximum penalty that may be imposed does not exceed a 72 duty-hour suspension be heard?

Battalion Fire Chief Conference


What selected members make up a Fire Trial Board?

Two (2) battalion chiefs and two (2) captains


A Trial Board hearing shall begin within 180 days of what?

Receipt of the Initial Written Notification


Where shall employees who are victims of bites of any kind (human or animal) or who are directly exposed (via needle sticks, etc.) to blood-borne pathogens (hepatitis, AIDS, etc.) respond during the hours that the PFC is closed?

Providence Hospital


What employees shall report to the Washington Hospital Center as their Urgent Care facility for work-related injuries at those times when the PFC is closed?

Employees whose last name begins with A through K


Where shall employees that have had a prescription re-issued by the PFC after having a prescription from a PFC outside specialist for POD injuries or illnesses be filled to ensure that no expense is borne by the employee?

Providence Hospital Pharmacy or any CVS Pharmacy


The receipt of two consecutive unsatisfactory ratings by an employee will be sufficient evidence to justify a charge of inefficiency and such employee will be cited before who?

Fire Trial Board


How long will completed Employee Performance Evaluations be retained in the Company and Battalion personnel folders of the employee being evaluated?

For three (3) years


In a double house, who is designated the responsible property officer for that house and as such is responsible for the condition of the building, grounds and property connected with the house.

Senior Captain


Command at the scene of an emergency commences with the first ____ to reach the scene.



What other form must be completed when you submit a Form 9 address change and who shall submit it with how many copies submitted?

Form OBMS-90 by the responsible officer in duplicate.


If a duplicate Form W-2 is required for any reason, the ____ will furnish one upon receipt of a completed "Request for Duplicate W-2 Form".

D.C. Office of Financial Management


Engine 22 is the first-due company at the scene of a reported fire in a single-family home. Who will be responsible for recording the particulars of the response in the company journal?

The Company Officer


Annual leave assignments for uniformed personnel on a 42 hour hour work week shall advance how many positions every year?

three (3) period numbers each leave year.


You are a company officer, and two members of your company have asked for your approval for them to exchange leave assignments. May you approve this exchange?

No, the Battalion Chief must approve this exchange.


What is the permissible time for a member to report to the PFC for sick call?

0700 - 0830 M-F


Regarding sick leave, in all cases of a fractional hour, if the
period of sick leave is ___ minutes or more, one hour or equivalent shall be charged.



After being placed on limited duty, you should report to the 2nd floor. If the Lieutenant is not available, what should you do?

leave the Light Duty Certification Form at the PFC receptionist’s desk and shall contact the Medical Services Lieutenant at 0700-hours the next business day.


When a member's Minor Illness Program (MIP) privileges are denied, an entry shall be made:

on the back of Form 33.1


When a member receives a prescription from a Police and Fire Clinic (PFC) outside specialist, the member shall:

bring the prescription to the PFC and have it re-issued by the PFC.


An Employee has notified you his need to utilize his MIP. On the first day of their return to duty, the employee shall complete a _______.

Form 44.6 MIP forwarded to BFC


You are a company officer, and a probationer has just been assigned to your company. This employee will be subject to a probationary period of what duration?

18 months


According to the Order Book, when responding to alarms, when the posted speed limit is
more than ___ miles per hour, then the speed, for responding vehicles will not exceed
the posted speed limit.



What is defined as a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, evaluating, and taking corrective action in an effort to ensure effective coordination during incident responses?



Whenever the Fire/EMS Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief of Operations, Assistant Fire Chief of Services, Deputy Fire Chief - Operations Division, or Special Operations Deputy Chief is notified or becomes aware of an imminent threat to the city or the NCR, what will be announced and Channel 01 (Zero One) DISPATCH ?

Ready alert status


Which phase of Emergency Planning and Preparedness Operations is declared by the Director of the Fire Operations Center (FOC) in response to incidents or situations of significance outside of the NCR with a potential threat to the NCR, anticipated severe weather events, emerging infrastructure emergencies, etc.?

Phase I


Which phase of Emergency Planning and Preparedness Operations primary objective is to develop an action plan, prepare for implementation of appropriate continuity of operations plans (COOP), and to evaluate the need to enhance the Department’s resources, provide ongoing information collection and gaps analysis, etc?

Phase II


How many hours are all personnel reporting for duty during normal operations expected to maintain a state of readiness for hold overs during unplanned significant or catastrophic events?

Minimum of 72 hours


The guidelines and standards for operating the lighting, heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems of agencies and departments of the Government of the District of Columbia state that heating in occupied areas are no higher than what? And what temperature for unoccupied areas?

68 and 65 degrees


During which months does the Battalion Fire Chiefs conduct a thorough inspection of the dress uniform and PPE of all members?



Where is the blank property forms (F&EMSD Form 1) kept at companies?

The top right hand drawer of the company desk


What form is required when accountable F&EMSD property is lost, stolen, destroyed, or damaged beyond repair?

F&EMSD Form 97


The two sections of the Fire/Arson Investigations unit?

Origin and Cause Investigations
Arson Investigations


Which type of an alarm is requested by the Incident Commander of an emergency for a specific type of supporting unit or a definite number and type of unit?

Special Alarm


When responding on initial alarms who will layout and report to their position unless otherwise directed by the incident commander.

The first and second due engine


Who will direct OUC to transmit the message "street drills canceled today" whenever weather conditions, such as excessive heat or cold or precipitation, justify.

The Deputy Fire Chief Operations


Who will members using the Training Academy for drills during hours when the Academy would normally be closed, such as weekends, contact the to gain entry.

Office of the 3rd Battalion Chief


Which form will Employee's contributions, to be eligible for awards, be described in duplicate, by the member(s) concerned or by the appropriate supervisor, and submitted through regular channels, or in a sealed envelope to the Department Incentive Awards Committee?

D.C. Form 25


What form must members complete when providing all requested information and documentation prior to separation from the Department?

F&EMSD Form 40.1


The Deputy Fire Chief of Operations will arrange that not more than ____ Acting Battalion Fire Chiefs be on duty at one time?



What is a document informing a witness of the intention to pursue and discover a matter involved in a lawsuit through the taking of testimony under oath?

Notice of Deposition


Whenever a F&EMSD Form 9 is submitted denoting an address change, the responsible company officer will also execute and submit _____ in duplicate?



The F&EMSD Form ____ is to be used in files when the original is filed under another heading or is not available?

Form 99


Contents of the top drawer of Companies Official File Cabinet will include the personnel file folders of members whose last name begin with?

A through K


FD Form 180 “Language Line Service Form will be submitted with the monthly reports whenever the Language Line is accessed. These Forms will be submitted to ____?

Public Information Office


A member who has been convicted of driving under the influence while off-duty will be charged with Conduct Unbecoming an Employee and will be charged ____ for a first offense?

120 Hours


A member shall be notified of the alleged infraction or complaint filed against him/her, in writing, within _____ after the alleged infraction or complaint or such time as the employer becomes aware of the alleged infraction or complaint?

75 days


Emergency Annual Leave (EAL) may be granted in increments of ____ and up to the full tour of duty?

1 hour


Any member desiring permission for a leave of absence without pay will execute _____ and a Special Report addressed to the Fire Chief?

DC Form 1199


By what date shall Company Officers execute the F&EMS Form 158: Report of Administrative Leave – Sick, for members of their command who were ruled on POD for the preceding year?

January 15th


No later than ____ after the monthly anniversary of the employee’s probationary appointment, Company Commanders or their designee will examine the employee on the requirements for that particular month using the appropriate Form 121 Series?

4 days


How many days prior to the service or longevity step increase for an employee, other than a probationer, will the responsible officer submit a FD Form 50.1 to the Fire and EMS Chief?

100 days


___ adverse actions within a period of twelve (12) months involving any charge of misconduct, conduct unbecoming an employee, improper performance of duty or neglect in the performance of duties shall be prima facie evidence of inefficiency.



In general, the Deputy Fire Chief OD will so arrange that not more than ___ Acting Battalion Fire Chiefs are in duty at one time.

Four (4)


Prior to being placed on enforced leave, the member shall be places on administrative leave for a period of ___ workdays, then enforced annual leave, then comp time which is recorded on time and attendance records, finally leave without pay.



Companies involved with fire prevention displays at schools, firehouse visits by school children, or other community events will restrict children below the age of ___ from getting in or on fire apparatus.



Members are entitled, except in the case of summary action, to advance written notice of ______ days for proposed adverse action and ______ days for proposed corrective action.



The first copy (yellow) of the Form 1for Articles of value found at the scene goes:

To the Incident Commander


Anytime an incident involves EMS operational personnel or vehicles, complete exchange of information, regardless of whether the incident occurred in or out of the quarter, is incumbent upon:

The Company Officer and the Medical Quality Officer


The Disciplinary Investigation Board (DIB) is composed of ___ captains who serve a term of ______ months.

3/ 18


Dual role providers from the Operations Division works an average of ______hours per week.



No pets shall be kept in any building owned or occupied by FEMS Department without prior authorization from the:

Division/ Bureau Head


The FD Form 180 Language Line Service form with be submitted:

With the monthly reports


Office desks and file cabinets of companies will be inspected by a Battalion Fire Chief:

Once a month


A person’s Personnel Record File and their Time and Attendance Report, will be promptly forwarded to the Inventory a/ Records Management located at the Logistics Section when a member:

Separated from service for any reason


A member shall be notified of the alleged infraction or complaint filed against him/her, in writing _____ days after the alleged infractions or complaint or such time as the employer becomes aware of the alleged infraction complaint.



Training Academy F&EMSD Form 127 shall be submitted covering the activities of the preceding month no later than the:

Third day of each month


Tardiness is any absence of up to _______ from duty which has not been approved with policy.

1 hour


On straight- away runs, no vehicle will be driven within______to the rear of another vehicle.



Vehicles equipped, with snow chains will not exceed____per hour at any time.

30 MPH


The overhead power lines in the District of Columbia range up to_________.

132,000 volts


In General only firefighters with a minimum of ____, experience will be detailed to the rescue squad.

3 years


A rekindle is a recurrence of fire in a tenantable building within an___period after the departure of the last company from the fire ground which, upon investigation, is found to have been an extension of the original fire.

8 hours


Company officers and drivers will monitor apparatus between “preventive maintenance” intervals and notify (AD) Apparatus Division if the engine hours exceed_____.

200 hours


Air tanks on apparatus will be bled at least______.



Hose will be tested as per NFPA standard no.__________.

NFPA 1962


The flag of The United States shall be displayed on the buildings of the department from 0730 hours until______.



How many acting Battalion Fire Chiefs can you have on duty at one time without special authority granted by the Assistant Fire Chief of Operations?



How many cumulative work days spent in a less-than-full-duty status or a 2 year period does it take before a member can be processed for retirement?



How long before an employee is in not full duty status will they have to take a Return to Duty or Fitness for Duty Physical?

30 days


If your biweekly leave earning category is 9 hours how many leave periods should you have?



An Official Reprimand or suspension of less than 10 days for cause is known as?

Corrective Action


What color Dual Reflective Band is on a Hydrant with 1000-1499 Gallons Per Minute flow?



A special Report titled “Winter Needs” will be submitted by what date?

October 3rd


If an employ has 25 years of service what is the percentage of additional compensation based on their Retention incentive/service longevity?



How many total years of service do you need before you could be eligible for Marine Engineer?



What are the contents of the of the second drawer in the company official file cabinet?

Personnel files L through Z


After how long can a disciplinary record no longer be considered for adverse or corrective actions?

3 years


When it becomes necessary to use an acting officer to fill in as a platoon
commander, battalion and division commanders will select a member from the top
how many on the current promotion register?



This form shall be submitted when a member is exposed to communicable diseases?



A detailed and comprehensive inspection of a building and the area in the company’s Local Alarm District shall be made once every ____ months by engine, trucks and rescue squad platoon groups?

Three (3) months


How many hours shall be utilized for house drills?

2 hours


Upon receipt of a multiple alarm all drills will be cancelled or discontinued unless otherwise ordered by?

Deputy Fire Chief Operation


What will be used to mark unsafe, vacant structure (hole in floor, porches, roofs) when encountered be a unit in their respective district?

International orange Danger placard


Overhead power lines in the District of Columbia range up to?

132,000 volts


Distance between responding vehicles on straight away runs shouldn't be driven within how many feet to the rear of another vehicle?

200 feet


What are Class A building?

High rise building, all building 6 stories or 75 feet from the lowest level of fire department access


What form will be filled out when citizen request smoke detectors?

Form 129


What EMS Platoon will be recalled if the emergency mobilization plan is implemented when number 2 platoon is working day shift?

Recall Platoon #3, #1


When command requests a second alarm how many more companies will respond?

4 engine companies, 2 trucks, 1 rescues squad, BFC


What form will be used for recording members internal and outside training classes?

Form 175


Salt and Snow shovels will be ascertained no later than what day of every year?

October 1st


Building owner are encouraged to instill the Knox Box adjacent to the entrance or access point being utilized, and mounting the device between ___ & ___ feet from the ground?

4 & 5 feet


The emergency generators are designed to cycle on for ___ minutes once a week?

20 minutes


Heat in the firehouse should be no higher than ___ degrees in occupied areas?

68 degrees


Captains of _____ companies are responsible for establishing inspection routes for all required residential inspections located within their first due area?



Completed retirement packets should be turned in to?

D.C. Fire and EMS Department Human Resources


Employee’s eligible for conspicuous service award must be described in writing on D.C. Form?



Air Unit one carries how many spare cylinders?



In the absence of the OUC Director the _____ may take the responsibility to transfer units.

Watch Commander


Building inspection reports are to be completed on Form?



On Air Company Inspections for private dwellings are to be conducted from?

June 1 through August 31


What day are monthly household requests to be submitted?



What form must be completed when accountable property is lost or stolen?



An occurrence that could have been prevented if department rules or District of Columbia Government laws were adhered to is classified as?

Incident Chargeable


Lug nut indicators will start to blister at what temperature?



There are a minimum of _____ Warehouse reserve engines.



Maintain space temperature no higher than ____ during unoccupied periods (nights and weekends).



What is defined as a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, evaluating, and taking corrective action in an effort to ensure effective coordination during incident responses?



Members who meet minimum eligibility requirements and intend to retire must do what?

60 days prior to projected retirement date, submit a special report to the fire Chief’s Office, and obtain a retirement package.


Who must act on a retirement application for it to be considered “officially Retired”?

Police and Firefighters’ Retirement and Relief Board


All members separating from the Department shall report to what Office for exit interview?

Employee Benefits Office


Where would you find an explanation for submission of a special Act for the Incentive Awards Program?

Chapter 19 of the DPM (District of Personnel Manual)


What form is utilized to submit a member for the Length of Service Award and Pin?

Form 67.1


No later than what date will submission of the appropriate form for the Length of Service Program and Pin be submitted?

March 15th of each year


What Department Official may cancel “Street Drills” for inclement weather by a Vocal announcement?

DFC Operations


In a single house, where are house drills, and inside evolutions of weekly drills conducted?

At or near the watch desk


Unless otherwise ordered, what is the report time for drills at the Training Academy?

0930 and 1300


Prior to leaving quarters to report to the Training Academy, what unit or Office should be notified by phone?

OUC to place the unit OOS


Should a company be scheduled to report to the Training Academy, and a multiple alarm is sounded, what is the appropriate action by that unit if still in quarters?

Remain in quarters


A retirement packet has been completed and notarized, the completed package should be returned to whom?

D.C. Fire & EMS Department’s Human resource officer (HR)


What form shall accompany all request for repairs to facilities?

Form 17


Relief of the watchman shall take place where?

At the watch Desk


Which form is the medication due to expire within 30 days form, by whom and when shall it be filled out?

54.4 by the crew that is working the 1st day of the month


A form 67.1 is completed by the Company Commander and submitted no later than?

March 15th annually