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Do not call Registry

The do not call registry is the legislation that requires permission to make telephone solicitations


Federal fair housing act of 1968

The federal fair housing act of 1968 prohibits discrimination in residential real estate based on race color religion sex or national origin



Price-fixing is illegal


Nonresident of Massachusetts must do which of the following to obtain Massachusetts real estate license

Nonresident do not have to move into the state Norbie sponsored by Massachusetts Broker but they must meet the same examination requirements


Zoning laws

A real estate agent must have a thorough knowledge of local bylaws in order to assist all parties with confidence


HIV status

In Massachusetts, it is illegal for agent to address questions on HIV status of any formal or current occupant of the residence


When one Terminates association in order to become associated with another realty

You must notify the board of your new obligation,
Old association must notify the board.
New association must notify the board


Civil Rights Act of 1866

Civil right act was passed in 1866 to give every citizen United States without regard to color ,the right to inherit purchase the sell hold and convey real and personal property



Instructors must be authorized by the board and hold a current brokers license


Restrictive listing

In Massachusetts, a restrictive listing may be taken by a real estate agent. Example a listing in which a owner instruction agent not to sell to a woman would be classified as a restrictive listing



Stands for underground storage tanks, which are primarily used for storing heating oil for a house. Full disclosure is required by a listing agent


Feng Shui

Massachusetts real estate agents have recognized that international customs and traditions of influencing international buyers. Feng Shuiis the Chinese art of placement of items in a house


Inspection of lead paint

10 days of the offer of acceptance at the buyers expense


93 A

Consumer protection act chapter 93A regulates disclosure on behalf of a real estate agent to either party and regulates the practice of fair trade.