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Foetus reasons for c section

-breech at 36w (with failed external cephalic version)


Placenta reasons for c section

-placenta previa
-morbidly adherent placenta


Maternal infection reasons for c section

-co-infection of Hep C + HIV (not either of these infx alone)

-primary HSV infection in 3rd trimester


Labour reasons for c section

-presumed foetal compromise
-failure to progress in labour


Contraindications to external cephalic version for breech babies

i. In labour
ii. Uterine scar or abnormality
iii. Foetal compromise
iv. Ruptured membranes
v. Vaginal bleeding
vi. Medical conditions eg CVS, renal


What is the ideal minimum gestational age for an elective C section? Why?

39 weeks

To reduce risk of respiratory morbidity


List categories 1-4 of C sections

1. Immediate threat to life of mum/ baby (operate within 30min)

2. Mum/baby compromised but not immediately life-threatening (operate within 75min)

3. No compromise to mum/baby but need early delivery

4. Elective delivery


Maternal complications of C sections

• Haemorrhage
• Need for blood transfusion
• Infection of uterus or wound
• Visceral problems eg bladder/ bowel damage
• Post-operative pain & immobility


Foetal complications of C sections

• Increased risk of foetal respiratory morbidity
• Foetal lacerations (rare)
• Increased rates of obesity & diabetes


Complications of C sections for subsequent pregnancies

-increased risk of placenta previa
-placenta may implant more deeply than normal (may need emergency hysterectomy)