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What was the date of the battle of Bosworth?

The date was 22nd August 1485


What did Henry do to make the Yorkists look like traitors

He backdated his reign from the day before the death of Richard III so that it would not look like Henry was over throwing a king as he was a king.


What happened during Edward IV and Richard III reign

Nobles had built large power bases in their local area which meant that they had became overnighty subjects


How many soldiers did the earl of Warwick have in 1485

30,000 soldiers


What rebellion tried to remove Richard III

Buckingham plot in 1483


What lords refused to support Richard III in the battle of Bosworth

Lord Thomas Stanley
Sir William Stanley
Earl of Northumberland


Why was Henry’s claim weak

His claim was through his mother

Claims through women were considered as weaker than claims through men


Why did Henry have few personal enemies

Detached upbringing in Pembroke castle
Years of exile in France


Why did Henry not gain much support during his match through the Wales before the battle of Bosworth

Not many people knew who he was


Why did Henry nearly loose the battle of Bosworth and who saved him?

Smaller force
Standard bearer was killer by Richards men
Rescued by Lord Stanley’s men


Why was Henry’s victory at Bosworth so good

Proved himself as a leader and soldier which was respected as a king
No longer had Richard III as a challenger to throne


How many nobles fought against Henry during the battle of Bosworth

1 in 4


What did the king do during spring 1486?

Went on a royal progress which improved relations with the people as they were able to see him


When did the king go on a royal progress

Spring 1486


What was wrong with the North and what did Henry do

The North was more reckless and was fiercly loyal to Richard III so he spent a large amount of time there


What had happened after the battle of Bosworth

Yorkist lords (E.g. Lord Lovell and Humphrey) had found sanctuary at Colchester Abbey.


What did Henry do to the York Lords?

He had spies monitor the Yorkist supporters


What did Henry discover in April1486 through his spies

Learned that Lovell and Stafford has escaped from sanctuary and we’re planning a rebellion


What happened to Lovell

Sir Edgcumbe and Sir Tyler were appointed time catch Lovell but had to flee due to the fact that Henry had mass support in that area


Why did the Stafford brothers do

Held a rebellion in Worcester (down south) while Henry was on his Northern progress


What happened on 11th May 1486?

Stafford brothers fled to Culham Abbey due to the fact that Henry was advancing towards Worcester


What happened to the Stafford brothers on the 14Th of May 1486

John Barrowman Forcibly removed the Stafford brothers from Culham Abbey ⛪️
Tried on courts of King bench which lead to Humphrey being executed but his younger brother was executed 🗡


What was happening while the Stafford brothers revolted in Worcester

Herberts and Vaughans led a rebellion in Wales which was crushed in Rhys ap Thomas.


Where was the Earl of Warwick

He was living comfortably in the Tower of London 😊


Who was the Earl of Lincoln (John De La Pole?

Swore loyalty to Henry and was later asked to join his council


Where was John De La pole? Duke of Suffolk

Swore allegiance🤝
Left alone


Where was the Earl of Surrey?

Fought with yorkists at the battle of Bosworth🛑
Kept in prison until 1498 when Henry was satisfied


What happened to Henry Percy the Earl of Northumberland

Placed in prison till 1485 when Henry was satisfied
Given control of North and the change to prove his loyalty


What happened January 1486

Henry married Elizabeth of York


Why was Henry’s marriage to Elizabeth to York a good thing

Joining the houses of York and Lancaster forming the Tudor rose