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Why may big companies be bothered about ease of use when thinking about using a particular fuel ?

If they aren't able to move it easily the process will be longer and more complex and they may loose time and money


Why is Availability important ?

There's not much point choosing a fuel if you can't get hold of it easily ?


What are the factors you should consider when choosing the fuel for you ?

Ease of use
Energy value


Why is pollution important when choosing a fuel ?

We don't want to pick one which will be adding to acid rain and the green house effect


Julie is looking at two fuels and she is only considering the factor of cost. Why could this be a bad thing ?

Some fuels are expensive but have good energy values and produce little pollution which will be good in the long term


What releases useful heat energy ?

Combustion of a fuel


Complete combustion requires what ?

A plentiful supply of oxygen


John burns a hydrocarbon what will he make ?

Only carbon dioxide and water


Fill in the gaps

Methane + ------ = ------ ------- + water

Oxygen & Carbon dioxide


Julie is burning something in a room with very little oxygen and her teacher tells her that is not complete combustion. Is her teacher right ? Why ?

Yes. It's incomplete combustion as it's taking place in an environment with a limited supply of oxygen


Julie burns a blue flame and John a yellow one. Who has the most energy ?

Julie and her blue flame


Incomplete combustion produces what ?

Carbon monoxide & Carbon (soot) & Water


Give a reason why pollution is increasing related to the burning of fossil fuels ?

More fossil fuels are being burnt as the worlds population increases exponentially. Also the growth of use in developing countries will contribute


Why would it be a problem if Russia had more fossil fuels than France ?

Russia will have power over France as they will be able to decide who has access to their fuel supply. This can cause huge conflicts


Why are prices of petrol always increasing ?

As stocks of oil gets used up we have less and less available making it a lot more valuable


People say oil slicks are okay as detergents can clear them up. Why my environment activists disagree ?

They can harm wildlife


Why is oil spills on beaches bad ?

It covers birds feathers making them not be waterproof anymore and stopping them from being able to fly