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What is a solute?

A solid or gas that is dissolved into a liquid (solvent)


What is a solvent?

A liquid that a solid or gas (solute) is dissolved into.


What is a solution?

A solvent (liquid) that has a solute (solid or gas) dissolved into it.


How can we tell if a solute is still in a solution?

  • Taste the solution (not in a lab!) 
  • See if the solution changes colour 
  • Weigh the solute and solvent before and after they have been mixed - they should weigh the same.


Is a solution a mixture or a compound?



The diagram shows a solute (solid or gas) and solvent (liquid). What would the solution look like?


Is water the only solvent?

No other liquids can be solvents too e.g. nail varnish.


Can gases act as a solute and dissolve into a solvent?

Yes e.g. carbon dioxide gas dissolving into drinks to make htem fizzy


Laura has 3 beakers. Each contains 200cmof a colourless liquid. 2 of these liquids are solutions. How could she find out which ones are solutions?

Heat the 3 beakers and evapourate the water. The 2 solutions will leave a dry solute behind.


Sarah dissolves 3g of copper sulfate into 100 g of water. What will the mass of the solution be?

103 g