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How do you create and calculate a frequency table?

1. Determine highest and lowest score
2. Create 3 columns; frequency, proportions, and percentage
3. Frequency is the "Count"- the number of times something occurred
4. Proportion is the number a variable occurred divided by the total number of occurrences ( 2 or 3 decimal places
5. Percentage is the % out of 100 that the variable occurred. The total value of of the table cannot exceed 100%


How do you create a grouped frequency table?

1.Bin the data by looking at the highest and lowest numbers.
2. Subtract the lowest from the highest number and add 1
3. Determine the number of intervals and size. This should be at least 5-10. Divide the range by the number of intervals then round to the nearest whole number.
4. Place the lowest number on bottom. The highest should be on top.