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The estate is owned by architect Antonio Cascarano

Named for the Cardinal Camerlengo that in 1250 fiercely defended the local lands in the name of the Pope and was given the lands around Rapolla as a reward, hence the name of the farm. It was here that Antonio Cascarano inherited land ideal for grape growing and revive the company his grandfather, Giovanni Falaguerra, had created but was interrupted in the 1970s. As is common in the Basilicata region, the vineyards are planted on the volcanic slopes of Mount Vulture with its silica and potassium rich soils where the grape’s acidity is enhanced by the wide diurnal ranges and with rigorous grape selected during harvest to produce the best, most structured and complex wines from the old vineyards (40yrs) of Aglianico. Alongside Agliani- co they produce Malvasia, Santa Sofia and Cinguli which are used in their “Accamilla” and their wines are fermented and allowed to develop in the cellar nestled within a cave formation facing north.

The cellar of the millennial era carved into the tuff is located in the Park of the Cellars of the City of Rapolla, a small town on the slopes of Mount Vulture, an extinct volcano from prehistoric times he did inherit a land ideal for growing grapes. Antonio Cascarano wanted to revive the company of his grandfather Giovanni Falaguerra, famous wine producer and oil that had been interrupted in the seventies. He has recovered part of the old vineyards and today produces two natural types of Aglianico del Vulture “CAMERLENGO” and “ANTELIO” and a White “ACCAMILLA” with 60% Malvasia 20% and 20% cinguli Sophia.

The Aglianico is one of our best native grapes, like Nebbiolo and Sangiovese, and many great wines like Taurasi and Aglianico del Vulture is there to show. This is the most popular red grape variety that in southern Italy and, specifically, in Vulture ( an extinct volcano in the province of Potenza) achieves extraordinary structure and complexity. A wine already famous in ancient Rome and in the following centuries, had sung and enjoyed by ancient poets such as Horace and Martial. It can be said that the Aglianico del Vulture is the trump card of oenology Luke, a crowbar to force the doors of the Italian market and the world who have watched so far especially the most famous wine production. An excellent wine with a great past and a future even greater.


Azienda Agricola Camerlengo, Aglianico Del Vulture, 2007


100 percent Aglianico Del Vulture

Rigorously selected grapes from 20 year old vines; soft pressing, fermentation and maceration for 25 days; matured in barrel for 12 months in Slavonian oak with 8 months in bottle. Not fined or filtered.

Certified Organic

$28 a bottle $336 case


Carmerlengo Acamilla Bianco 2013/2012


‘60% Malvasia, 20% each of Santa Sofia( clone of fiano) and Cinguli ( clone of Trebbiano Toscano); all vines average 8 years of age and planted on clay and sandstone with volcanic deposits; slight over-ripening of the grapes, maceration on the skins for 10 days in chestnut vats; two months in French oak tonneaux with no filtration.


24 (2)$17.00$204.00

36 (3)$16.50$198.00


Carmerlengo Antelio 2013


From 100% Aglianico from vines ranging in age between 8-12 years and planted on clay and sandstone soils with obvious volcanic deposits; natural vinification in their cellar cave with no temperature control and matured in large chestnut wood barrels.


24 (2)$15.75$189.00

36 (3)$15.00$180.00