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What is the equation for photosynthesis?

Carbon dioxide and water results in glucose and oxygen
CO2 + H2O --> C6H12O6 + O2


What is the equation for respiration?

Glucose and oxygen results in carbon dioxide and water
C6H12O6 + O2 --> CO2 + H2O


What is decomposition?

Physical, biological, and chemical mechanisms that transfer matter into increasingly stable forms, carried out by decomposers who break down cells and tissues in dead organisms


What is combustion?

When organic material is burned in the presence of oxygen to give off carbon dioxide, water and energy.


What is burial and compaction?

Decomposed plants and animals buried and layers of organic matter have been compressed to form carbon rich oil, coal and gas hydrocarbons.


What is carbon sequestration?

The uptake and storage of carbon, e.g. trees and plants absob CO2, release O2 and store carbon through their lifespan.