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Some animals provide us with food. List 3 animals & name what food they provide.

Cow- Milk, ,eat
Chickens- Eggs, meat
Pigs- Pork, bacon


In the old days, horses were used as means of transport but nowadays humans use them for other things. Provide 2 uses we have for horses these days.

Horse racing, hunting.


Name the three types of dogs that help us.

Service dogs, guard dogs and sniffer dogs.


Animals are protected by a special law. Name this law.

The Animals Protection Act.


List 3 important functions of game parks.

Protection, conservation, attracting tourists.


Cruelty to animals still happens in places such as:

Abusive homes
Having wild animals as pets
In the wild by poachers.


List 6 examples of animal welfare.

1. Can use animals for food but must ensure that they do not suffer when alive or being killed.
2. Freedom from fear and distress.
3. Freedom from hunger or malnutrition.
4. Freedom from pain, injury and disease.
5. Freedom to express normal patters of behavior.
6. Freedom from physical discomfort.


List 4 examples of animal rights.

1. Humans can live without using animal products.
2. Killing animals for food is wrong.
3. Animals should not be used for human benefit.
4. Do not wear leather or fur