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What is first aid?

The first treatment given to a person who has been injured before the arrival of an amublance or qualified medical expert.


Name the three aims of first aid.

Preserve life
Prevent the condition from worsening
Promote recovery


In the event of an accident you should...

- Act quickly
-Calmness is important
-Check to see if the victim is breathing
-Identify if the person is someone you know
-Don't move any clothing
-Ensure the victim is comfortable
-Never give the victim food or drink
-Tell someone to call an ambulance if necessary


Name 5 items that should be in your first aid box.

First Aid book
Cotton Wool
Safety Pins
Cotton Buds
Adhesive plasters
Triangular bandages


What do you do if you get a cut/scratch? (5)

1. Stop bleeding by applying pressure
2. Wash the wound using sterile gauze dipped in antiseptic (Dettol)
3. Dry gently with clean gauze
4. Apply a clean dressing to the wound
5. If the wound doesn't stop bleeding, apply pressure and seek medical attention


What do you do if you get a minor burn/scald? (3)

1. Submerge in water until pain fades
2. Spray area with burn spray
3. Burns may be covered with a sterile dressing


What do you do if you get a major burn/scald?(5)

1. If clothing is on fire, throw water on person or wrap them in a blanket. Don't move any clothing that is stuck to the wound.
2. Cover any exposed areas with a clean, dry cloth to stop infection.
3. Treat shock by lifting the patient's legs and loosening any tight clothing.
4. Cover the patient to prevent heat loss.
5. Seek medical attention.


What do you do if someone is choking (treatment for a child)? (2)

1. Place the child face downwards over your knees and support the head with one hand.
2. Hit the child four times between the shoulder blades.


What do you do if someone is choking (treatment for an adult)? (3)

Use the "Heimlich Manoeuvre"
1. Stand behind the victim and clasp your hands together under their rib cage
2. Pull your hands towards yourself in a sharp inwards-upwards movement
3. Repeat the procedure up to 4 times if necessary


What do you do if someone is fainting? (3)

1. Anyone who is feeling faint should sit down and en forward, with their head between their knees.
2. If they have already fainted, they should lie down for 10-15 minutes after they regain consciousness/.
3. If they fail to regain consciousness after 1-2 minutes, seek medical attention


What do you do if someone has been poisoned?(4)

1. Take them to the hospital immediately with the container they drank from.
2. If they are unconscious, place them in the recovery position and call an ambulance immediately.
3. If the poison is corrosive (like bleach) do not induce (let them) vomiting. Give milk to the poison.
4. If you know that the substance is not corrosive (overdose of drugs), make the patient vomit and save the vomit for hospital examination.