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Whats the definition of a chilD with special needs?



What are some of the consequences of kids with special needs?

Pain and discomfort
Nutritional intake
Function (no eating)
Failure to thrive (not growing according to norms)
Reduced quality of life and social functioning


How can oral health influence systemic health in special needs kids?

Bacteraemia with children with congenital heart disease or caners would be a risk for infective endocarditis


What are some oral conditions found in kids with special needs?

Gross plaque and calculus
Gross decay
Congenital neuropaenia can cause periodontal issues (affects PDL and bone)
Attrition - can brux a lot
Anomalies in shape, size, number
Anormal tooth eruption (accelerated or delayed)
Trauma (motor and coordination issues)


Whats cleinocranial dysplasia and what are the dental implications?

Clavicles not present and sometimes have supernumeries.


What to obeserve first for opgs for kids with special needs?

Look around for pathology, not teeth. Then count teeth, then caries , then perio.


What conditioins can cause delayed eruption?

Mitochondrial encepathology


How to check for alveolar fracture?

Theres a difference in height (step).


What are some inherited dental defects?

Amelogenesis impfecta (doesnt normally have systemic relation but can sometimes be kidney related)
Dentinogenesis imperfecta (related to osteogenesis imperfecta which means patient will have weak bones)


What are the dental objectives for treatment for SHCN?

1) establish early dental home
- talk about prevention with parents, they need to come in early
2) hstory
- birth history, any other conditiions, other co-morbidities, medications, alleergies
3) consult with physician when necessary (check before you do anything)
- esp. For bleeding and cardiac disorders
4) consider patient needs when scheduling appts
5) prevention
6) consider all treatment options
7) create behaviour guidence plan


What should the recall visits be for high risk children?

3 - 6 months


What should be included int he preventive program?

1) rltnshp with dental home
2) increase recalls
3) encourage healthy low caries risk foods.
- dont just stop foods, recommend to rinse with water or just brush with toothbrush dipped in water after meals
4) fluoride supplementatikn
- start as early as possible and also can give tooth mousse
5) institute proper home are practice
- brushing techniques very important
- can also recommend electric toothbrush or wrap a toothbrush with a towel
- recommend flossing ASAP


What are sopme of the behavioral issues associated with special needs children?

Anxiety, ADHD, preference of limited diet, can ask parents "how does the child respond when you use a vacuum cleaner?"


What are some of the characteristics of ADHD children?

Can be quiet and restless or very aggresive.
Extremely impulsive
Black circles undr eyes, normally not sleeping normally


What medications are used to treat ADHD?

Ritalin, adderall, straterra


How is ADHD managed in the dental setting?

Bhvr managment
- firm instruction - hands on the belly and sit still
- morning appts better especially when taking meds
- short apps
- avoid treatment holidays
- keep distracting OR just keep setting as quiet as possible


What is autism?

Its a spectrum in which there are issues pertaining to
- communication
- social interaction
- repititive and stereotypical movements
- acue snesory hypo and/or hypersensitivities


How to deal with autism in dental practice?

- need to establish rapport
- need to know what agitates the child. Ask parent and try to avoid these things.
- parental preparatin
- short, morning appts


What are some of the causes of cerebral palsy?

Cerebral anoxia
Severe jaundice


Oral implicaations of cerebral palsy?

Dysarthia (speech disorder)
Gag reflex
Airway issues
Seizures can happen


How can patients with cerebral palsy be managed in the dntal setting?

Upright position
Bite-block - dont want to lose fingers
Hydrocephalus - can be countered using shunts. Need to give Ab prophylaxis


What are the symptoms of a seizure?



How to manage kids with seizures?

Ask parents:
How often does he have it?
what trigges them?
How long to they last?
What medicatiions does he take?
Has he been in a hospital for it before?

When a seizure happens, take everything off and time it. 10 seconds should be normal.


What are some comorbidities associat with downs syndrome?



What are some of the oral conditns associated with downs syndrome?