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Assignment urgency is recorded using the .pxUrgencyAssign property. Pega Platform calculates .pxUrgencyAssign, as the sum of three input properties. (choose 3)

1. .pyUrgencyAssignment

2. .pxUrgencyAssignSLA

3. .pxUrgencyWork

4. .pyUrgencyParty

5. .pyUrgencyAssignAdjust

2. .pxUrgencyAssignSLA

3. .pxUrgencyWork

5. .pyUrgencyAssignAdjust


Which property responds to urgency calculated based on the service-level rule?

1. pyUrgencyAssignAdjust

2. pxUrgencyWork

3. pxUrgencyAssignSLA

3. pxUrgencyAssignSLA

The value of the .pxUrgencyAssignSLA property is the sum of the initial urgency and the urgency increments for the goal, deadline, and passed deadline intervals.


As an assignment ages in a workbasket or worklist, Pega increases the value of .pxUrgencyAssignSLA according to the configuration of the service level agreement.


Which variable in the assignment urgency calculation allows a user to manually adjust the urgency according to the facts of each situation?

1. .pxUrgencyAssign

2. .pyUrgencyAssignAdjust

3. .pxUrgencyAssignSLA

4. .pxUrgencyWork

2. pyUrgencyAssignAdjust

.pyUrgencyAssignAdjust enables a user to increase the urgency of an assignment by running a local action on the case


In your organization, employees work between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. EST only. Some assignments are sent to the employee work queue between 5:01 P.M. and 07:59 A.M, but work does not begin until regular business hours. For assignments that come in after hours, which Assignment Ready option do you use to delay the start of SLAs until 8:00 each day? 

1. Immediately

2. Delayed

3. Timed delay

4. Dynamically defined on a property

Dynamically defined on a property

The Dynamically defined on a property option uses a DateTime property value to determine when users are expected to start work on assignments.