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Beyond the call of duty.

I often carry out my work tasks faster than necessary, providing it doesn't compromise safety. And I do that time and time again.

When AFF, shortly after 1am, structure fire only a few km from where I lived. It was about 20 km to the Fire Station, so I called the captain to confirm that I would drive to the address in my car and see what I could see, and if someone could just put my gear in the truck, I would don my turnout gear on the scene and be ready to go. I arrived at the location to find a house fully alight, and a woman with her two daughters parked across the road . The woman frantic with worry. She informed me there were power lines draped over the driveway, so I phoned this information to the captain and the called. The electricity supplier to cut power. When the other team members arrived, my turnout gear had been left behind, so I was not able to turn out fully, but I stayed at the incident and operated the pumps from the relative safety of the fire appliance.

When I significantly increased productivity for the assembly of door locks at Precision Metals, and taught my team mate my method. Special project to assemble 138 doors autonomously on a construction site.

When I worked faster than was necessary on a construction contract and finished the job early. I was trying to prove myself as an efficient worker in the interest of getting further construction work.

When I handled a medical emergency at Subway in which a man with a history of epilepsy suffered a seizure while ordering. Also throughout my subway career, I strove to be highly efficient at making sandwiches and delivering exceptionally friendly customer service., far above what I witnessed from other staff. I was only interested in doing the best I was capable of, not in simply trying to beat other people.


Why do you want to be a firefighter?

My parents introduced me to superheroes at a very young age, and immediately I knew I wanted to be like them in their ability to protect people from harm.

I first seriously acknowledge the fact that I wanted to be a professional firefighter shortly after I was accepted into the Queensland Fire & Rescue Service as an urban auxiliary recruit. I felt like I was finally doing what I was supposed to be doing.

To serve the community.
To use my natural abilities for the safety of others.
I am naturally drawn to careers with adventurous elements. The mix of technical proficiency, physical fitness, camaraderie and making a significant contribution to the lives of others is extremely appealing to me.
I have worked in all kinds of conditions


Give an example of something you have learned in the last 12 months, and how you went about learning it.

I don't think there is any short answer that does justice to the learning ability and motivation I actually possess:
Blender 3D
Over 1700 Spanish language flashcards
Vocabulary app
Went overseas for the first time, huge learning experience, did lots of things for the first time (paragliding, luge, helicopter, cable lift, chair lift, cave rafting, jet boating.
How to improve my athletic performance and level of muscle with calisthenic exercises and proper nutrition.
Business Cert II & III, IT Cert II, and a university elective unit on the Sociology of Knowledge.
Revised all the maths that I learnt in school to prepare for the mental aptitude test.
Read several books (the power of now, awaken the giant within, the seven habits of highly effective people, no bs time management, fliers for algernon)
Obtained numerous high risk safety tickets.