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1. Human dignity

The person is sacred, made in the image of God
Human life must be valued infinitely above material possessions


2. Community/Common Good

The social nature of the human person
Humanity by its very nature stands completely in need of life in society
We all need company, friends, socialisation


3. Rights and duties

Every person had a right to the basic material necessities that are required to live a decent life e.g food, shelter, fresh water and clothing


4. Option for the poor

Remember the "Windows, orphans, and aliens."
A necessary element of the common good
We remember the less fortunate in our society


5. Participation

All people have a right to a minimum level of participation in the economic (have a job) political (to vote) and cultural life of society different cultures mixing


6. Economic Justice

All workers have a right to productive work, to decent wages, to sad working conditions.
The economy must serve people and people are more important than things


7. Stewardship of Creation

Looking after the earth and share


8. Solidarity

All the people of the world belong to one human family
Must respect everybody
Together we help


9. Role of Government

The state has a positive moral function. It is an instrument to promote human dignity, protect human rights, and build the common good


10. Promotion of Peace

Peace is not just the absence of war
"If you want peace, work for justice"
Taking care of each other and being in harmony