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What are the levels of organization from simplest to most complex?

Chemical-cellular-tissue-organ-organ system-organism


What are the three major principles of the cell theory?

All organisms are made of cells, cells come from pre--existing cells, the cell is the most basic unit of life


What are the three characteristics shared by almost all cells?

Cells tend to be microscopic,
all cells have a membrane,
all cells are filled with cytoplasm


What is different between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?

Prokaryote = no membrane bound organelles or nucleus,
Eukaryote = has membrane bound organelles and a nucleus


What is cytoplasm?

Jelly like substance that fills a cell, this is where organelles are found


What is the main component of the cell membrane? How are they arranged draw a picture or describe?

Lipids, head pointed out, fatty acids point to the middle, one outer one inner


Why can't DNA leave the nucleus?

Needs to stay protected, genetic code


______ are the building blocks of protein.

Amino acids


What are the two parts of the cytoskeleton and what does each do?

Microtubules: provide structure and shape, act as tracks for organelle movement
microfilaments, enable cells to move and divide


How can you tell the difference between an animal cell and a plant cell?

Animal cell: has lysosomes and centrioles
Plant cells: cell wall, chloroplast, large central vacuole


Which type of macromolecule is found in the cell membrane?

Lipids (phospholipid)


What does the mitochondria do?

Provides energy (ATP for cell)


What does the chloroplast do and what type of cell do we find it in?

Found in plant cells, this is where photosynthesis takes place, provides energy for plant cell


What is a vacuole? What is the difference in vacuoles between plant cells and animal cells?

Store water, ions, plants have a very large vacuole, when filled helps to keep the plant upright, when low on water the plant well well


What do lysosomes do?

"Clean-up " cell, will recycle materials and old organelles


Why is it important for the cell membrane and other organelles to be made of the same materials?

So that the vesicles can transport materials to different membrane-bound organelle's (they have to be able to meld together and separate from the organelle)


Where do you find the nucleolus? What is made in the nucleosus?

Dense region in the nucleus, ribosomes are made here


What does the smooth ER do?

Makes lipids
Breaks down drugs and alcohol
Calcium storage


What is meant by the term organelle?

And organelle is like a little organ. It is a structure inside the cell that performs a specialized function within the cell.


Label the pictures below as a plant cell or an animal cell. How do you know which is which?

Plant is one the left, it is green and cells are rectangular because they have a cell wall. Right is an animal, no distinct shape because it lacks a cell wall.


How do ribosomes leave the nucleus?

Through the nuclear pores


What do centrioles do in the cell?

Aid in animal cell division


What does the cell wall do for a cell?
In which type of cells do we find it?

Cell wall helps provide shape and structure for the cell, found in plant cells


What does the cytoskeleton do for the cell?

Network of proteins in fibers and tubes that helps give the cell shape, transport organelles and aids in cell division