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I am the jelly like fluid inside the cell. I provide an area of movement for all the dissolved molecules that keep the cell working. I am the?

The Cytoplasm


I am the thin protective layer around the cell, but I am not one solid piece. I have tiny openings that allow materials to pass in and out of the cell. I am the?

The cell wall


When a cell needs energy, I take in nutrients break them down, and supply energy to the cell. I can also convert stored energy in the cell to food. I am a?

A Mitrodandria


I am a large storage unit in the cell. I am very large in plant cells, and I store water, food, and wastes. I help support the plant. When I start to shrink due to a lack of water, the plant may wilt. I am the ?

The plant vacuole


I am a food producer for plant cells, I absorb light energy from the sun and use it to convert carbon dioxide. I am a?



I act like a digestive system in an animal cell. I contain enzymes that break down wastes and other materials. I am a?



We build proteins in the cell. We can be found in several places in the cell, including in the cytosol and on the endoplasmic reticulum. We are ?



We direct the genetic information of the cell. We are made of DNA, and found in the nucleus, usually in pairs. We are the ?



I am the brain of the cell, and i control all of the activities of the cell. I am located in the cytosol but you would not find me in prokaryotic cells. I am the ?



I am the cells transport system. Their are two types of me, rough and smooth. The rough type has ribosomes attached. I am the?

Endoplasmic reticulum


I gather molecules and make them more complex. I store these molecules or send them into the cytosol or out of the cell. I process the proteins produced by endoplasmic reticulum and ribosomes. I am the ?

Golgi apparatus