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How would you explain the structure of a plasma membrane?

All plasma membranes are surrounded by water. Plasma membranes include hydrophilic heads that are polar (water loving) and hydrophobic heads that are non polar (non water loving). With all of these components in tact, the plasma membrane forms a bilayer.


What is the function of a lipid?

The function of a lipid is to block anything non polar or hydrophilic from entering the cell.


What is transport protein consist of?

Selecting certain things to get through the cell through channel proteins. The protein must change shape in order to match the transport protein.


What is the main function of the cytoplasm?

It consists of "soup" proteins, enzymes, dissolved salts and sugars. All of the organelles and the nucleus float in the cytoplasm.


What do ribosomes consist of?

RNA and proteins


Where are the two places in the cell where ribosomes can be found?

Free floating in the cytoplasm or bound to the ER to give it the rough surface.


What is the main function of a ribosome?

To synthesize proteins


What is the main function of the Rough ER?

It's responsible for transporting proteins into and out of the cell. It can also be used as a storage area.


What is the main difference between the Rough ER and the smooth ER?

The smooth ER contains no ribosomes.


What is the main function of the smooth ER?

It's used as the site for lipid (membrane) synthesis.


What part of the cell does the Golgi Body connect to?

Smooth ER


What is the main function of the Golgi Body?

It completes lipid synthesis and sorts proteins to their correct destination in small vesicles.


What two functions are the vesicles responsible for in the cell?

They are responsible for transporting proteins and lipids to the cells surface. They also digest proteins in lysosomes.


What is the main function of a lysosome?

It is responsible for digesting and/or destroying enzymes and it also recycles damaged organelles.


What is the main function of a peroxisome?

It is responsible for breaking down fatty acids, amino acids, and alcohol.


What is another name for the Mitochondria in the cell?

The power house.


What is the main function of the Mitochondria?

Generates energy in the form of ATP to keep the cell alive.


What kind of membrane does the mitochondria consist of?

A double membrane with a smooth outer layer and an inner layer that folds.


What characteristic does the chloroplast have that the other organelles do not have?

It is only in plants.


What kind of membrane does the chloroplast have?

A double membrane and a double lipid bilayer.


What is the main function of the chloroplast?

This organelle makes sugar from sunlight and CO2 during photosynthesis.


What are the main functions of the cytoskeleton?

Provides the cell with a specific shape, also known as the internal "skeleton" and provides cell movement.


What are centrioles composed of?



What function in the cell may centrioles take a part in?

Cell division


What three things is the cell wall made up of?

Plants, fungi, and a variety of proteins.


What does prokaryotic mean?



What are the two features make up prokaryotic cells?

Bacteria and blue-green algae.


What some key components that make up prokaryotic cells?

They are very small, they lack internal compartments and organelles, DNA is not separated from the cytoplasm, they do not have a nucleus, they have circular chromosome, and they have tough external walls.


What does Eukaryotic mean?

'True nucleus cells'


What are some features that make Eukaryotic cells?

Proteins, plants, fungi, and animals.