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What organism makes up Kingdom Animalia? Are these organisms multicellular or single celled?

Multicellular and eukaryotic organisms.


What is the main function of the two organisms in the Kingdom Animalia?

They absorb food outside their cells and then absorb the digested material.


What are some organisms that make up the Kingdom Fungi?

Slim moulds, stinkhorns, mushrooms, smuts, rusts, mildews, puffballs, truffles, and yeasts.


Why do mushrooms and yeasts play such an important role in the Kingdom Fungi?

Because they absorb food in solution directly through their cell walls and reproduce through their spores.


What makes the Kingdom Monera the most important one of them all?

It's the most important because it encompasses all the bacteria.


What are monerans?

Single-celled prokaryotic organisms.


What organism makes up the Kingdom Plantae? Are these organisms multicellular or single celled? What process do these organisms usually conduct?

Multicellular, eukaryotic organisms. These organism usually conduct photosynthesis.


What type of organism makes up the Kingdom Protista? Is this organism multicellular or single celled (usually)?

This kingdom is composed of eukaryotic, single celled, organisms.


What two things do Protists include?

They include animal like members and some types of algae.