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Where organisms get the energy they need for life processes



Define cellular respiration

So respiration is the process that releases energy from food in the presence of oxygen


What are the three stages of cellular respiration and when so that each stage occur

Glycolysis- cytoplasm
Kreb cycle- matrix
Etc- inner membrane space


Write the equation for cellular respiration in words and symbols

Words- oxygen+glucose➡️energy+ carbon+ water

Symbols- 602+ C6H12o2➡️energy+ 7CO2 +6 H2O


Describe what happens during glycolysis

During glycolysis sugars are broken down and made into energy. One molecule of glucose ,six carbon compound, is converted into two molecules of pyruvic acid , a three carbon compound


How many ATPs are used to jumpstart glycolysis

2 molecules


What is the net energy gain during glycolysis

2 ATP molecules


Where the products of glycolysis go

To the KREB cycle


What happens during the Krebs cycle

During the Krebs cycle Pyruvic acid is broken down into carbon dioxide in a series of energy extracting reactions


Into what to products is Pyruvate broken down into in the Krebs cycle

Carbon dioxide and acetic acid


How does the cell use the charge differences that build up across the Inner mitochondrial membrane during cellular respiration

The difference causes the ATP synthase to spend as it rotates it grabs ADP molecules and attracts a phosphate group making ATP


What is fermentation

Fermentation is the process of anaerobic respiration and glycolysis. two types are alcoholic fermentation and lactic acid fermentation


Which fermentation is carried out in your body

Lactic Acid fermentation


What are three main sources of ATP available for human muscle cells

ATP already in the muscle ,ATP made by lactic acid fermentation, and ATP made cellular respiration