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-acute bacterial infection of dermis and underlying connective tissue

-usually occurs due to trauma or break in the skin

-primary symptom is inflammation


Patho of Cellulitis

-break in the skin allows portal of entry to microbes

-most common bacteria are staph aureus and streptococcus


S/S of Cellulitis

-fever, chills, malaise, local lymph involvement

-erythema, pain, warmth, edema at the site

-wound generally irregular in shape with defined borders

-elevated WBC

-lymphadenopathy (tender lymph nodes)

-fever and high WBC may not be present in OA


Which of the following would be a priority nursing assessment for the patient with cellulitis of their LLE?

A. Pulse and sensation on the affected extremity

B. The patients’ level of pain

C. The patients’ temperature

D. The patients’ blood culture

C. The patients’ temperature


Cellulitis Tx

-rest, elevation of extremity, warm compresses
(decrease swelling, edema, erythema)

-wet to dry dressings if needed

-oral, topical, or IV antibiotics
(IV in severe cases to prevent sepsis)