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3 high risk factors that mandate radiograph

older than 65
dangerous mechanism
parathesias in extremeties


4 Elements of Dangerous mechanism, of high risk factors that mandate radiograph

fall from >3ft or 5 flights of stairs
axial load to the head
MVC >60mph/100km
bicyle/motorized vehicle


5 low risk factors that allow for safe ROM assessment

simple rearend MVC
can tolerate sitting in ED
can ambulate
delayed onset of neck pain
no c-spine tenderness


3 elements of simple rearend MVC, of low risk factors that allow for safe ROM assessment

pushed into traffic
hit by bus/truck
hit by high speed vehicle


At what ROM degree is a radiograph mandated?

less than 45=radiograph
greather than 45= no need


Cervicogenic headaches symptoms

originates @ OA, AA, C2/C3 region
symptoms at suboccipital, temporal, frontal, orbital
symptoms change/respond to movement


Internal Carotid Arterial Dissection Symptoms

VERY sudden onset, INTENSE
temporal region, same side on the neck
"worst headache of my life"


Cervical Radiculopathy Symptoms

neck&arm pain @ rest
referred to UE& scapula
parasthesieas follow dermatomal pattern
Neuroscreen:weak in myotome, abnormal MSR/DTR
Spurling's Test


Thoracic Outlet syndrome symptoms

variety of symptoms at neck and shoulder
arm feels weak and heavy
hands feel cold
difficulty with repeated movement @ or above shoulder
variable results in neuroscreen


4 criteria for Cervical radiculopathy

c-spine rotation <60 degrees
positive Spurlings test
positve Distraction test
positive ULNT Test (Elvy's)