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Elbow instability subluxation & dislocation presents with?

may have: deformity, neural involvement, vascular involvement


Elbow instability fractures present with?

fat pad/effusion
inability to fully extend elbow
history of trauma


Common fracture of the elbow?

medial/lateral epicondyle
radial head
coronoid process


Complications from fractures?

loss of extension
mild to moderate pain
popping/locking suggest loose body
ulnar neuritis
Heterotrophic ossificans
Complex regional pain syndrome


Heterotrophic ossificans present with?

pain with progressing loss of ROM

hyperemia, swelling, need for DD of septic arthritis, thrombophlebitis

may show increase serum alkaline phosphatase sedimentation rate and white blood count

xray may not show HO until 5th wk


Posterolateral rotatory instability presents with?

vague elbow pain
lateral elbow pain
clicking, clunking, with supination
pt. reports of something wrong with extention/supination, elbow giving out with loading flexed elbow into supination


Posterolateral rotatory instability MOI?

axial compression
valgus stress
supination, rotation at humeroulnar joint


Valgus instability presents with?

medial elbow pain
pop felt at time of injury
tender UCL


Valgus instability MOI

acute FOOSH or insidious overuse excessive valgus


Lateral tendinitis/osis presents with

point tenderness distal to humerus
difficulty gripping
pain with wrist flexion & active wrist extension
more common in: 30-50 yo, women>men increase level of work


Medial tendinitis/osis presents with

primary: prontator teres, FCR, palmaris longus
secondary: FCU, Flexor sublimis
male=female, 75 % dominant arm


Biceps tendon rupture presents with

pop at injury
acute weakness
deformity present


Bicepts tendon rupture MOI

rapid eccentric load with elbow supinated


Ulnar nerve- cubital tunnel syndrome

2nd most common nerve entrapment in UE
parasthesia along ulnar distribution
clumsiness/loss of coordination of hand
popping/snapping during active flexion/extension


Median nerve- pronator syndrome

anterior elbow pain
pain volar proximal forearm
sensing loss @ palmar surface of 2,3, quarter of 4
positive compression @ pronator border


Median nerve- anterior interosseous syndrome

pain volar proximal forearm
no sensory loss @ fingers, motor weakness: FPL, FDP, thenar sparing
negative compression @ pronator border
inability to make ok sign


Radial nerve- radial tunnel syndrome

deep ache distal to lateral epicondyle
pain at belly of brachioradialis
pain with resisted supination, repetitive wrist flexion/pronation
no motor/sensory loss


RAdial nerve-posterior interosseous syndrome

lateral forearm/elbow pain
weak wrist extension & radial deviation (loss of ECU)
loss of ED, EDM, weak extensors of finger
motor loss only, thumb extension produces pain @ lateral epicondyle



males>female, 40-60yo
hx of repetitive use of UE in weight bearing occupation
loss of terminal extension, painful locking, pain @ end of flexion/extension
ulnawr neuropathy in 26-55% of pt. who go into surgery


Forearm compartment syndrome

increase forearm pressure due to exertional activity
chronic, gradual onset
weakness, numbness, pain that doesn't subside


Olecranon bursitis

acute onset, unexplained swelling
septic, slightly more in males
hx of recent abrasion, repetitive trauma, hx of diabetes