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What is the term used to describe delegating PR tasks to someone outside the PR firm?



In terms of public relations, what is meant by "gatekeepers?" Who are they?

They are individuals that control access. Journalists and their editors are media gatekeepers who decide whether, when and how to use stories generated by public relations


What does IMC stand for?

Integrated Marketing Communications


Understand the various advantages of using PR firms to handle an organization's PR needs.

Otherwise known as "in-house".

They have access to a broad range of skills and expertise, including specialty areas that few in-house departments can provide.

The larger PR firms have global operations, which makes it easier for organizations to communicate effectively everywhere they have operations.

PR firms can approach the problems or challenges of an organization's with objectivity.


What is meant when PR firms handle work "In-house?"

In-house refers to when a PR firm uses ones own staff to do something. The organizations own public relations staff does PR in-house


When PR practitioners work deliberately and strategically, are they proactive or reactive?



When an organization is on the defensive for example, a product recall is it being proactive or reactive?



Understand the use of the word "flack"

Not a good word for PR professionals, often used by journalists.

Usually refers to a PR person who deflects criticism.


Understand the difference between a publicist and a spin doctor.

Spin Doctor: a reference to PR people who attempt to use spin to create a positive impression.

Publicist: focus on one PR task; they seek media coverage of stories about their clients.


What is meant by spin?

This is the filter through which professionals send information, often negative, to create a positive impression.


What do Eldman, Burson-Marsteller, Fleishman-Hillard all have in common?

Global PR firms


What profession involves buying space and time in mass media



How important is writing in the PR industry

Extremely important


Understand the difference between one-way and two-way communication.

One-way: public media and controlled media to us

Two-way: one-on-one


Understand differences between marketing and PR.

PR builds relationships.

Marketing is concerned with customers and sales.


Which public relations pioneer is associated with the "torches of freedom" cigarette campaign?

Edward Bernays


Who introduced the phrase "engineering of consent?"

Edward Bernays


What is the Voice of America?

The official external broadcast institution of the U.S. Federal government. The VOA provides programming for broadcast on radio, TV, and the Internet outside of the U.S. In english and other foreign languages


Who was known as the "patron saint of promoters?"

P.T Barnum


Which PR pioneer articulated the first "Declaration of Principles" that outlined the first code of behavior for PR?

Ivy Ledbetter Lee


Edward Bernays believed reaching what group of influential people in making sure messages reached the masses?

Opinion leaders.


What famous event in American revolutionary times could be characterized as a staged PR event or PR stunt?

Boston Tea Party/ Boston Massacre


Thomas Edison squared off against whom in his battle over a standard for electric systems in the U.S

Nikola Tesla


Know Arthur Page's contribution to the PR industry.

Created a philosophy of public relations that included:

-Tell the truth
-Prove it with action. Listen to the customer.
-Manage for tomorrow--anticipate the future
-Conduct PR as if the whole company depends on it. Consider PR impact of all actions in advance.
-Convince employees that PR is everybody's job in the corporation.
-Remain calm, patient, good-humored


In terms of PR history, who was Amos Kendall?

Hired by Andrew Jackson, he was a Kentucky newspaper editor, as the first presidential press secretary in the 1820's. Kendall later became Postmaster General of the U.S. First full-time public relations person in the White House


Which PR pioneer earned the title Poison Ivy? How did he get this reputation?

Ivy Lee got this title. Got that title from Rockefeller and Ludlow Massacre. BAD reputation. Earned it by unknowingly distributing to the media into that later proved false and misleading


How is Pope Gregory XV related to the word "propaganda?"

Created the "Congregatio de Propaganda Fide" or "Congregation for Propagating the Protestantism". Referred to the missionary work of the Catholic Church but came to be associated with the spread of all sorts of opinions, info and political causes. Negative connotations then and now.


Who is famous for saying, "The public be damned?" What does this mean?

William Henery Vanderbilt

Retort of railroad magnate


Understand various communication theories:

The surveillance function of media; and the hypodermic needle theory.

The hypodermic needle theory: Suggests that media have an immediate and powerful effect on audiences.

The surveillance function of media: one of the functions of media according to uses and gratifications theory. This function focuses on monitoring the environment and includes news and weather


What is meant by the term branding? How does a product get branded?

Brand: a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.