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Ethics involves the philosophical study of __.

good conduct


Define professional conduct.

currently a mixture of moral relativism masking legal formalism and some utilitaian consequentialism and some assumptions of natural law


Explain Ross' Prima Facie duty theory.

makes clear distinction between judgements about rightness and judgements about good; conditional duty with consideration of all moral ramifications


According to Ross, define rightness.

judgements concerning motives that give rise to an action (refers to things DONE regardless of motives)


According to Ross, define goodness.

judgements concerning motives; virtue of nature of what is done


What is the basis of a right action?

extent to which it produces good (prima facie duties, virtues, principles)


When dealing with ethical dilemmas, it is unlikely that the outcomes produced will satisfy __.

competing claims


What are the six steps of ethical reasoning?

1. How should I act toward a party?
2. How should I act toward that party in virtue of other duties to that party?
3. How should i act in virtue of my duties towards other parties may be involved?
4. How should i act when in order to fulfill another prima facie duty, how may i otherwise discharge that duty
5. What other relevant circumstances in this situation might influence my decision to act
6. How then will I act?


According to Ross, what are right acts?

acts that are based on a consideration of all the moral ramifications of acting in a particular situations and which result in the discharge in one way or another of one's prima facie duties relevant to the situation (rights and responsibilities of everyone involved)


Describe the APS.

professional society, evidence and knowledge based practise


What is the role of APAC?

education council, not for profit; quality and standards of accredited courses


What is the psychology registration body? And what is their role?

AHPRA - regulation agency; they register, develop standards, handle notifications, approved accreditation


An important role for psychologists is to be aware of susceptability to certain biases, these may include:

fundamental attribution error, actor observer bias, motivated moral reasoning


What is acculturation?

process to change the cultural behaviour of individual through contact with another culture


What are ethical standards?

enforceable, represent minimum standards, provides guidence for psychologists, and deminstrates to the public the required standards that psychologists should adhere to.


What are the three overarching principles of ethical standards for psychology?

respect, propriety, integrity


What should a psychologist do if they suspect another psychologist of misconduct?

draw THEIR attention to it, encourage people affected to come forward, report to relevant body/committee