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visual advertising - facet model of effects

- grab attention: generally visuals are better at getting nd keeping attention than words
- stick in memory: visuals persist in the mind because people generally remember messages as visual fragments, or key images (ex: altoids look of the box)
-cement belief: seeing is believing (ex:IBM using the small disk drive to represent size of an egg)
-tell interesting stories: visual story telling, engage and maintain interest
-communicate quickly: pictures tell stories faster than words
-Anchor association: distinguish undifferentiated products with low inherent interest, advertisers often link the product with visual associations representing lifestyle and types of users


ex visual communication

coke can with white polar bears, bird with egg flash drive


brand logo

ex: coke with the swirly letters, IBM - block letters, Apple- the apple bitten out of it , Target - bullseye



has authenticity that makes it powerful
-most people feel that pictures dont lie
-credibility- photography is a good medium



-eliminate many details of the image so that it the reader finds it easier to read
-keeps the highlights and key details to simplify the message



-attracts attention, provides realism, establishes moods, and builds brand identity

ex: pepsi vs coke in olympic with red can

-spot color: which a second color in addition to black and white to highlight an important element

-conveys mood with warm (happy) and cool colors (calm)



type presents the letters in words so they can be easily read but it also has an aesthetic role and can contribute to the meaning go the message through its design


art directors jobs decisions: typography and layout

- the specific typeface or font
-the way capitalization is handled
-typeface variations
-edges of the type block
-the size of the type


layouts art directors use

picture window- a common layout format is one with a single, dominant visual that occupies 60-70% of the ads space. underneath the headline and copy block. the logo or signature signs off the message at the bottom, altoids ads are of this style

all art- the art fills the frame of the ad and the. copy is embedded in the picture (ex: the caribou in the lake )

panel or grid- uses a number of visuals of matched or proportional sizes. (ex: Dunham boot ad - uses both panels , two side by side panels)

dominant type or all copy- emphasize the type rather than the art or even an all copy ad, may have art but it is embedded in the ad

circus - art, type, color - deliberately create a jumbled image

nonlinear- contemporary style , direction of viewing point is not ordered, young people - it works for


creative director

manages the creative process and plays an important role in focusing the strategy of ads and making sure the creative concept is strategically on target