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what is the lords supper

The lords supper is a provision of bread and fruit of the vine


when was it instituted

it was instituted the last night before the saviors death


where was it instituted

In an upper room in jerusalem


who was with him

His disciples were present with him when he instituted this supper


who is to partake

the members of the church are to partake of this supper


of what is the supper an emblem

the supper is an emblem of his broken body and shed blood


what does the bread represent

the bread represents his broken body


what does the fruit of the wine represent

the fruit of the vine represents his blood that was shed


for what purpose should we partake of it

we partake of this supper to commemorate the death, suffering and undying love of Christ


What does the member profit

The members profit by partaking the lords supper because it increases their spirituality, and also predicts his second coming


what conditions should members be in

The members should be in a spiritual condition when partaking of the lord's Supper


How may they bring about this condition

They may bring this condition about by self examination and prayer 1 Cor 11:28-29 But let a man examine himself