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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

Inflammation of uterus, ovaries, Fallopian tubes

Pouches and adhesions


Bacterial vaginosis

Caused by indigenous bacteria of vagina

Switch from dominance of lactobacillus to others

Common vaginal infection


Gonorrhea (the clap!)

Neisseria gonorrheae

Gram negative diplococcus

Major virulence factor - pili --> attach to host epithelial cells

Characteristic double bean shape

Gonococcal urethritis plus non-urogenital organs

Neonatal conjunctivitis --> gonococcal opthalmia -->through birth canal

Symptoms: painful urination, discharge (thick, viscous), salpingitis

Treatment: ceftriaxone


Gonorrhea - female

Salpingitis - blocked and inflamed Fallopian tubes

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Ectopic pregnancy

Possible sterility

Often asymptomatic


Chlamydia urethritis

Chlamydia trachornatis - gram negative rod, obligate intracellular parasite (in WBC)

Biphasic life cycle: non-replicating extracellular infectious body; replicating intracellular non-infectious body

Non gonococcal urethritis (NGU)

85-90% people asymptomatic --> Silent Disease

Symptoms: painful urination, watery discharge, salpingitis

Treatment: doxycycline, erythromycin


Chlamydia - females

Asymptomatic until salpingitis

Untreated leads to PID

Increased danger of infertility or ectopic pregnancy


Chlamydia - males

Painful urination

Watery discharge

Inflammation of epididymis --> sterility


Syphilis (the great pox)

Treponema palladium - gram negative spirochete (humans only host)

Penetrate skin surface via wound, abrasion, hair follicle (via flagella)
Lack of outer membrane proteins - invisible to immune system

Symptoms: chancre (primary), skin lesions, Gumma (tertiary)

Treatment: penicillin --> early stages (primary or secondary)


Primary Syphilis

Chancre (hard) where bacteria entered body

Painless, circular, purple ulcer

Hard borders


Secondary Syphilis

The great imitator -- variety of physical symptoms

Spirochete so spread through body and lymph to other organs

Fever, skin rash, swollen lymph nodes

Latent state --> 3-30yrs later; relapse of secondary syphilis


Tertiary Syphilis


Formation of gummas cause:
-bursting of blood vessels
-degeneration of spinal tissue
-brain damage --> changes in personality


Congenital Syphilis

In fetus - cross placental barrier after 4th mo.

Lead to stillbirth

Birth defects: Hutchinson's Triad (deafness, blindness, notched teeth)



Haemophilus ducreyi - Gram negative rod

Soft chancre - painful, genital ulcers; soft borders; forms at entry site

Fills with pus - open wound -- transmission via contact
More susceptible to other STDs, AIDS

Symptoms: soft chancre, erythema, swollen inguinal lymph nodes

Treatment: azithromycin, erythromycin, ceftriaxone

Men - lesions on penis painful
Women - lesions on labia, clitoros unnoticed

Disappear 10-14 days without treatment


Gonorrhea - males

Painful urination

Penile discharge - thick, viscous

Swollen groin lymph nodes --> painful testes

Infertility - infection in epididymis


Urinary Tract Infection

Kidney, bladder, ureter = sterile

Urethra = indigenous microbiota (shorter in women, more common ascending into bladder)

E. Coli primary cause

Urethritis - inflammation of urethra; pus, painful urination

Cystitis - infection of bladder

Pyelonephritis - kidney infection; lower back pain

Prostitis - prostate infection; increased urination, fever, chills

Treatment: sulfa drugs, Bactrin (combo of sulfa drugs)