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Evolutionary Perspective

A change in the gene pool over time.


Evolutionary theory includes all of the following biological differences between sexes except:
a. Genetic assurance
b. Preference for healthy mate
c. parental investment
d. reproductive potential

b. preference for healthy mate


Sigmund Freud divided the mind into 3 sections which included....

The id, ego, and superego.


What are the 3 basic biological differences between the sexes?

1. Genetic Assurance
-females have greater genetic assurance (they are sure that their children are their's.)
2. Parental investment
-pregnancy, childbirth,breastfeeding, & child care
3. Reproductive potential
-female's reproductive capacity is limited 1 baby per year
-males reproductive capacity is much larger and they remain fertile for a longer period of time compared to women.


What percentage of women never orgasm when having sex?



Evolutionary Theory can provide an explanation for _____ but it does not provide _____.

Behavior; Justification.


What is Naturalistic Fallacy?

is = ought to be
- If something is natural (like men treating women poorly), then it is morally acceptable.


Who came up with the word "libido" ?

Sigmund Freud


When does the Oral Stage of development occur? Describe this stage.

It starts when one is an infant.
- erogenous zone = the mouth
- first used for sucking then for biting
- difficulty during this stage would result in fixation on compulsive talking, smoking, eating, etc.


When does the Anal Stage of development occur? Describe this stage.

It starts during the 2nd year of life.
- Occurs during toilet training
- People fixated on this stage become anal expulsive


When does the Phallic Stage of development occur? Describe this stage.

This starts when children discover their genitals.
- kids attach themselves to the parent of the opposite sex.
-kids develop a sense of gender


During the Phallic Stage, the boy's attachment to his mother is called what?

Oedipus Complex


During the Phallic Stage, the girl's attachment to her father is called what?

Electra Complex


What is the Latency Stage?

The period after the Phallic Stage, a period of inactivity.


What stage does puberty occur?

The Genital Stage


A person is acting a certain way because they expect to be punished or rewarded...What Learning Theory is this an example of?

Social Learning Theory - people have expectancies


Master & Johnson Research

Direct observations of sexual behaviors.


Bell & Weinberg & Hammersmith Research

Only surveyed homosexuals in San Francisco area at bars


Humphreys Reseach

-There was no informed consent
-Deceived participants
-Acted as a "lookout" for police while he secretly observed sexual behavior


What are some difficulties in sex Research?

- funding
- confidentiality
- ethics, triggers, debriefing