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What are the 8 primary freedoms the Constitution recognizes and protects?

1) The freedom of speech and expression
2) The freedom of religious expression
3) The freedom to assemble publicly
4) The freedom to sue the government when one has been wronged
5) The guarantee of a fair trial when accused of a crime
6) The freedom from having property taken without just compensation
7) The right to vote
8) The right to keep and bear arms


Which amendment recognizes and protects citizens from governmental infringement and ensures the freedom of religion and the rights of free speech, the press, assembly, and the right to petition the government or have disputes heard in an impartial court of law?

Amendment I: Religion, Speech, Assembly, and Politics


What are the two clauses about religion discussed in the First Amendment?

1) The Establishment Clause
2) The Free Exercise Clause


Which clause under the First Amendment was intended to forbid official government involvement in or endorsement of any specific religion?

The Establishment Clause


Which legislation is targeted at protecting children from exposure to pornographic and indecent material at schools and public libraries?

Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)


What is the difference between libel and slander?

Libel is when someone lies about you in writing; slander is when it is done in a speech.