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why were early Christians persecuted by the Jewish leaders

they did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah or the son of god


why were early Christians persecuted by the Roman leaders

political differences and they were afraid of a revolt


how did the early church respond to the persecutions

mass held in different places that rotated, difficult to join (needed a sponsor to vouch for you, took 1-2 years)


role of martyrs in early church

christian message was spread by martyrs - the more martyrs, the more Christianity grew


explain the beast in revelation and the wedding feast of the lamb

ten horns, seven heads, ten crowns on each horn, looked like a bunch of animals mixed together


explain the beasts represent

666, nero caesar


what happens to both of the beasts in the end of the story

they are killed and thrown in the ocean in exodus


explain johns vision of the new jerusalem and how it is connected to genesis

last visions are of a new heaven and a new earth - god will dwell with the people
connected to genesis because it is like how it was supposed to be in the garden of eden


what are the last things

heaven and hell


why should we be concerned about death

the state of our sins determine where we go in the afterlife


why must we bury our bodies

the body still deserves reverence because it was a temple for the holy spirit


particular judgement

decides whether we go to heaven, hell, or purgatory
happens moments after death


general judgement

happens at the end of time, decided whether a soul goes to hell or heaven
church will achieve perfection



beatific vision, all souls will have an immediate vision of god
we become like god in glory and live in the divine life of the blessed trinity
the state of everlasting life and happiness



a state of eternal suffering and permanent separation from God



a state of purification for those who die in friendship with God but have venial sins
is a temporary state