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Importance of agriculture in India

Remarkable GDP contributor
Generates Employment
Contributes to international trade
Source for raw material
Wealth of the nation


Features of agriculture in India

Low productivity
High dependence upon rainfalls
Scattered holdings
Disguised unemployment
Subsistence farming


Problems of agriculture in India

Lack of mechanized means
Lack of finance
High dependance upon rain
Agrarian relations


Explain the 3 types of agrarian reforms launched by the Indian government

1). Technical reforms
HYV seeds, pesticides , chemical fertilizers, scientific farming
2). Land reforms
Abolition of intermediary, regulation of rent, consolidation of holdings
3). General reforms
MSP, cooperative societies, credit facilities


What is green revolution and also state it’s features

Green revolution refers to a time period after 1960 where in the crop productivity in India saw an huge growth
The features are
High crop productivity
Rise in area under cultivation
Shift from subsistence to commercial farming
Self sufficiency


What are the limitations of green revolution

Uneven spread
Limited crops
Unaffordable to marginal farmers
Economic divide