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Project human resource management is what?

processes for this include what?

-making the best use of the people involved in a project

processes include:
-HRP (identifying and documenting project roles, respons, and relationships)
-acquiring the project team
-developing the project team (building skills to enhance project performance)
-managing project team (tracking performance, motivating, feedback, resolving issues)


What is org planning?

identifying, documenting, and assigning project roles, responsibilities, and reporting relationships.

could include project org charts, resource histogram, or responsibility assignment matrix.


What are RACI charts?

show responsibility for the task, who is accountable for the task, consultation for the task (who has info necessary to complete it), and informed (who needs to be informed with status and results of the task) for project stakeholders.


What is resource leveling?

looking at resource allocation over time and fixing over allocation and under allocation


Problems with extrinsic motivation?

(is when you punish or reward someone when they do something)

-not sustainable
-you get diminishing returns
-hurts intrinsic motivation


What makes projects more likely to succeed? to fail?

-expertise (workers special knowledge that others deem important)
-work challenge (capitalizes on a workers enjoyment of doing a task)



Types of power

-coercive (punish, threaten)
-legitimate (authority based)
-expert (knowing your stuff)
-reward (incentives)
-referent (personal charisma)


Project communications management processes? (4)

-communications planning (determining the info and communications needs of stakeholders)

-information distribution (making needed info available in timely manner)

-performance reporting (collecting as disseminating performance info)

-administrative closure (generating, gathering, and disseminating info to formalize project completion)


Communication management plan?

-what info is shared
-how is info collected/stored
-distribution structure
-format for communicating
-schedule for producing info
-escalation procedure for resolving issues
-revision procedure for updating plan
-access methods for obtaining info


what % of message is conveyed through:
Body language

Body language 58%
tone 35
Content 7


number of communication channels formula?

( n ( n - 1 ) ) / 2

as mode people become involved in communication the more channels


Task related conflict vs
emotion conflict

Which improves and which depresses team performance?

task is good, emotional is bad


5 conflict handling methods?

which is best?

- collaboration (directly face a conflict)

-compromise (use give and take approach)

-smoothing ( de-emphasize areas of difference and emphasize areas of agreement)

-forcing (win / lose agreement)


collaboration is best!