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What is methodology?

What is a process?

-how things should be done.

-a series of actions directed toward a particular result


What do mature project management practices help produce?

-better project performance
- project completed on time and on budget
-lower direct costs


Project management process groups are what? (5 processes)

-Initiating processes
-Planning Processes
-Executing processes
-monitoring and controlling processes
-closing processes

Initiating -> Planning -> executing
-> closing. controlling happens the whole time and measures progress, motivates, and takes corrective action.


What are the best project managers called? what do they do differently?


they spend more time on every process group than other PM's except for execution.


What are project champions?

A senior manager who acts as a key proponent. they are executive sponsors for the PM.


Advice to help PM's succeed?

-Provide adequate resources
-encourage cooperation from others and deal with political issues
-mentor and coach on leadership issues
-Develop and enforce organization standards


What is the initiating process group?

-develop initial scope, time, and cost
-complete a business case
-assign the pm
-identify key stakeholders
-Project charter
-kickoff meeting (meeting held at the begining of a project so that stakeholders can meet eachother, review goals of project, and discuss future plans)

the project champion should introduce the project sponsor (if different) and manager


What is a business case?

document provision financial justification for investing in a project


Difference between stakeholder register and stakeholder analysis?

SR: document that includes details related to identified project stakeholders. available to many ppl, not sensitive info.

SA: technique for analyzing info to determine which stakeholders interests to focus on and how to increase stakeholder support throughout the project


Project Charter is what?

-formally recognizes existence of project. provides summary of projects main objectives and management.

-authorizes pm to use org resources to complete the project

-letter or agreement , formal contracts, or business cases could be used instead