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Cargo Loading Methods

- Unit loading Devices (ULD)
- Containers
- Pallets

- Loose load (individual bits of cargo restrained by nets)



- Containers
- Pallets
(Number of standard sizes for both of them so they are compatible across different aircrafts)

- Lower Decks (pax flights)
- Main and lower decks (cargo)



Sheets of aluminium with rims (for nets and straps to be secured to) to secure pallets to the floor

Usually transported on roller floors within tracks:

- Roller Balls (entry)
- Motorised


Securing Load

Locked in tracks with latches

Or tie down points - secured over the manoeuvring envelope of the aircraft


Bulk Cargo

- Loaded individually
- Secured using nets and floor mounted barriers


Mass Limitations

Limited by:
- Max. Structural mass of aircraft
- Max. area load of cargo floor
- Max. Load linearly by a given length of cargo hold floor


Maximum Mass

- Given in aircraft flight manual
- Operations manual if more limiting

Limits may also be printed on compartment wall

Along with dimensions of cargo zone


Area Load Limit

Max load that can be placed in a given area of a compartment floor

Contact with the floor will alter this significantly

Cargo may be within 1 load limit in one orientation

Always given in LxWxH

- Always go for minimising Load intensity on the floor

Area Load = Mass / Area (normally largest side)


Load Limit Aids

Load Spreaders
Break load down (smaller pieces)


Linear Load Limit

Mass of Item / Longest Dimension

Governed by number + spacing of supporting frames and the distance from the structural bulk heads

Long item placed lengthwise will be in contact with more supporting frames

- Can't change orientation of ULDs
- Individual items can be maximised


Maximum Allowable Cargo Mass

Lowest of:
- Total mass in a section / cargo compartment
- Area Load
- Linear Load


Load Spreaders

Spread the weight across more frames, increasing the area load and support