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What is hacking?

The act of gaining illegal access to a computer system


List 3 ways you can prevent hacking

- Anti-hacking software
- Use of strong/long passwords
- Firewalls


How do firewalls work?

- Monitors traffic
- Blocks suspicious traffic
- Blocks access to sketchy websites


How does spyware work?

- User clicks on a link from an email or website
- When clicked spyware is downloaded
- Monitors users activity and relays it back hacker
- Keypresses can be analyzed to find passwords
- Common key logs allow passwords to be found


List 2 ways you can prevent spyware

- Anti-spyware software
- Use an on-screen keyboard


What is a virus?

- Program that replicates itself
- Deletes or corrupts files


List ways you can secure your device from a virus

- Anti-virus software
- Anti-malware
- Firewall
- Proxy server


How does a proxy server work?

- Keeps user IP address secret
- Prevents direct access to a webserver
- Filters traffic
- Speeds up traffic using CACHE
- Blocks selected IP addresses
- Helps prevent hacking of a webserver


What is phishing?

- Creator sends out a legitimate looking email
- As soon as the user clicks on it, the user is sent to a fake website


How do you avoid phishing?

- Don't click on unknown emails


What is pharming?

- Malicious code installed in computer
- Redirects user to fake website


How do you avoid pharming?

- Anti-spyware
- Check the URL is as expected


How does encryption work on text?

- Before encryption it is plain text
- Text encrypted using an algorithm
- Text encrypted using a key
- Encrypted text called cypher text
- Key transmitted separately from text
- Key used to decrypt the cypher text


What is SSL?

- Secure sockets layer
- Allows data to be sent and received securely over the internet


How does SSL work?

- Uses digital certificates - contains public key
- Server sends SSL to browser/client
- Client and server agree on encryption method to use
- Browser checks authenticity of certificate
- The transaction will begin


What is a benefit of using SSL?

- Data is encrypted


How does an anti-virus software work?

- Compares the virus signature to a database of known viruses


How does a biometric device work?

- Scans finger with sensor
- Finger print converted from analogue to digital by ADC
- Data interpreted by microprocessor
- Data compared to stored data