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If these two things aren't possible it may render the evidence. What are they?

1. not being able to know the whereabouts from the time of discovery t the scene to it's presentation in court

2. Not being able to know the security in terms of alteration by having evidence added to it either surreptitiously or otherwise.


What does continuity mean?

This describes the handling of the item at all stages subsequent to identification


What does Integrity mean?

This describes the method used to describe the protection of the evidence from damage or duration.


What are the steps in evidence gathering?

1. Identify the scene and make an assessment.

2. To record and document of the scene.

3. Identification of items that may have evidential value.

4. Record and gathering the items for subsequent analysis from a forensic science provider.


The type and amount of material will depend on a number of factors that include....

1. The nature of the recipient surfaces and the trace material....Rough surfaces will retain more material than smooth surfaces.

2. The degree of contact...This can vary both in pressure and time of contact and increasing both will increase the probability of material transfer.

3. The nature of the transferred material...The adherance properties of this will affect both it's residence on the recipient surface and the time of retention.