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Day and date release

Simultaneously releasing a movie to the public in some combo of theatre video on demand DVD and download


Why is seismic shift taking place

Economic situation
Rapid technological advance
Shifting consumption behavior


Rules of media consumption have changed
Media industries good news
Literate media consumers good news

Readers viewers and listeners out there in great numbers and value mass communication experience

Consumption choices will shape media landscape and media process


What have media mergers done

Narrowed range of info and eternal intent available to people of all ideologies


Conglomerates as part of a larger company some fear

Are driven by bottom line and must contribute their piece of the pie


Some people see positive in conglomerates

Inevitable and necessary for fragmented audience to reach everyone

If not then financially insecure and that is greater threat because then advertisers will have greater control over them


Globalization issue of ?
Concern is misplaced some say
Concern is real some say

Diversity of expression

Pursuit of profit forces them to respect values and customs of places they operate from

Respecting customs and profits is short hand for pursuing profits at all costs


What are reasons to support globalization

Growing democracies and intertwining of worlds economies


Zone casting

Location based mobile advertising

Allows radio stations to deliver diff. Commercials to specific neighborhoods

Marketers directly send ads targeted at wherever you are in the moment


All the niches cause concern that

Taste publics

This diminishes culture since we will only be seeing what we want

But some say it allows us more discussion with each other

People bound by little more than taste in media


Product placement
New form of content called what

Integration for a fee of specific branded products in media content
Brand entertainment brands are part of and essential to program



Radio stations accepting payment from record promoters to play songs


Three things that drive convergence

Digitizations of info
High speed connectivity
Seemingly endless advance in technology which allows device to do more



The use by media conglomerates of as many channels of delivery as possible for similar content

Driving force between mergers and acquisitions


Audience fragmentation

If finds difficult to reach audience can reach components though various media industries


Audience itself

Platform agnostic

Confuse us or give us more power