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where did the original settlement of Cardiff grow up?

the mouth of the River Taff in the Severn Estuary.


where is Cardiff?

built on reclaimed marshland. Cardiff is bordered to the west by the rural district of the Vale of Glamorgan, to the east by the city of Newport, to the north by the South Wales Valleys and to the south by the Severn Estuary and Bristol Channel.


what rivers flow through Cardiff?

the River Taff winds through the centre of Cardiff snd together with the River Ely flows into the freshwater lake of Cardiff Bay. A third river, the Rhymney flows through the east of the city entering directly into the Severn Estuary.


what are Cardiff's geographic features?

The centre of Cardiff is relatively flat and is bounded by hills on the outskirts to the east, north, south and west. It's geographic features were influential in its development as the world's largest coal port, most notably its proximity and easy access to the coal fields of the South Wales valleys.


what are Cardiff's connections - docks?

It developed as a port, called Cardiff Docks, which at its peal was one of the largest dock systems in the world, being the main port for the export of South Wales coal.


what are Cardiff's connections - road, rail + air?

Connected to the M4. London is just over 2 hours away by road and rail. There are both direct and indirect, national and international flights from Cardiff airport.


how far away is Swansea from Cardiff?

40 miles to the west


how far away is Newport from Cardiff?

15 miles to the east


how far away is Bristol from Cardiff?

45 miles to the east across the Severn bridge


what is the Port of Cardiff like now a days?

remains active on the import and export of containers, steel and other bulky goods.


when did urbanisation occur in Cardiff?



when did suburbanisation occur in Cardiff?



when did counter-urbsanisation occur in Cardiff?



when did reorganisation occur in Cardiff?