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10.1a. factors in the Stoke equation are used to decrease te time needed to remove TSS

-Coalescence: the diameter of particles
-inclined plane settlers: particles falling distance
-tube settles that use the waste heat from another process : the viscosity of the water
-centrifugation: the gravitational constant


10.1f. Adv to have a shallow stream running up an inclined plane settler

shorter falling distance - less time will be required


10.2b. the particle in a depth filter must match the distribution of sizes of the TSS that is to be separated

2 # densities and size ranges are used for the 2 media then after fluidization, the settling rates will result in separation of the two materials (eg. fine GAC and course silica sand)


10.4c what will done to waste stream from a depth filter if there is no possibility of deep well disposal

remove the water mechanically so as to reduce the cost of landfill


10.3a. A sludge blanket clarifier:

-Coagulation: rapid mix
-flocculation: slow mix
-stoke law: settling


10.3a. Kinetic of the process

-rapid mix zone: agitation serves to improve the chance of charged colloidal particles meeting the coagulating agents
-slow mix: the floc is mixed to improve the chance of the different particles forming the floc
-the rates are set that coagulation occurs before flocculation
-sedimentation is also rate controlled process