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Contact does not equal (what)?

Interpersonal Communication


We all need some form of (what)?

love and intamacy


We communicate because of what needs?

Physical needs: (touch, contact)
Identity needs: ( we come to know the self through others)
social needs: 6 social needs


What are the 6 social needs?

1. Affection: to care for/ be cared for
2. Control: to influence others
3. Inclusion: be a part of
4. Relaxation: unwind, refresh
5. Escape: put off things, carefree
6. Pleasure: fun, gratification


What is the transactional process of communication?

grow in relationship together
more overlap, better connection; less overlap, worse connection


Define Communication

The process of sharing meaning


Define Interpersonal Communication

quality based transactional process involving different participants who occupy different but over lapping environments and create meaningful relationships.


What are the 6 features of interpersonal communication that apply to interpersonal relationships?

1. Uniqueness
2. Irreplaceability
3. Interdependence (integrated w/each other)
4. Disclosure (personal info)
5. Intrinsic (reward is comm)
6. Scarce


Define Interpersonal Relationship

An association in which the people involved meet each others social needs to a greater or lesser degree


What are the communicational principles?

1. It can be intentional or unintentional- impossible to not communicate
2. Content and relational dimensions


What is the difference between content and relational dimensions?

Content= what is being said
Relational= how


Communication is (what)?

unrepeatable and irreversible


Relational messages do what?

Make a comment about relationship


What are some communication misconceptions?

1. Words don't mean, people mean
2. More communication is not always better
3. successful communication doesn't involve shared understanding
4. communication will not solve all problems
5. no single person or event causes another's reaction


Define Communication Competence

Ability to accomplish one's personal goals in a manner that maintains a relationship on terms that are acceptable to all parties...
saying and doing the right thing in the right way at the right time in the right place with the right person


Define Mediated Communication

communication that involves connecting/ communicating through an electronic medium


Mediated Channels filter out (what)?

face to face nonverbal cues, such as eye contact, vocal tone, touch


face to face is very (what) whereas mediated is very (what)?

rich , lean


define syncronicity

conditions when communicators are connected in real time


define asnchronous

a delay between communicating (often due to time)


Define disinhibition

expressing themselves more bluntly and with less caution


Define hyperpersonal communication

accelerated discussion of personal topics
creates sense of anonymous and inappropriate self disclosure


What is Dunbar's number?

The amount of friends you can actually have.
can only keep 150 friends
5 really close friends
33 semi-close friends


Define small group communication

a few people engaged in communication interaction over time, in both face to faec and/or computer mediated environments, who have common goals and norms and have developed a communication pattern for meeting their goals and interdependent manner


What are the basics of small groups?

3-15 members
cohesion is key


What is problem solving talk?

Productivity: getting it done and getting it done well
quality work: above and beyond work
consensus: can agree after all concerns are aired and dealt with
membership satisfaction: being in the group is personally and professionally satisfying


What the 5 major roles in Role Talk?

1. Task Leader: job done, job done well
2 . Social-Emotional Leader: helps everyone get along
3. Tension Releaser: helps everyone stay happy
4. Information Provider: gathers info
5. Central Negative: tests ideas


What is Consciousness Raising Talk?

Group motivational talk
Group identification and pride
Group might name itself


What is Relational/ Encounter talk?

Interpersonal talk: talk that is not just job related
Deals with personal disclosure
Develops trust, empathy and relationships


What are the 3 personality descriptions?

1. Dominant vs submissive
2. Friendly vs Unfriendly
3. Instrumentally controlled(accepts direction from others 1st) vs emotionally controlled( guided by own emotion 1st)