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Come up with

Definition: Create, make, especially ideas.
Part of speech: phrasal verb.
1- Several of the members have come up with suggestions of their own.
2- My sister come up with a new idea.


Turn it into

Definition: Something change into something different.
Part of speech: Phrasal verb.
1- The water when it is boiling it turns into vapor.
2- Superman can turn it into a man.


Set up

Definition: Create, build, to put something together and make it work.
Part of speech: phrasal verb.
1- They’ve set up roadblocks around the city.
2- I want to set up my own business.



Definition: Commercial.
Part of speech: noun
1- Ashley got a call from a business that wanted to put ads on her site.
2- Some companies use the ads to marketing their products.



Definition: To get money.
Part of speech: verb
1- She earned enough while still in high school to buy her family a house.
2- I like to earn some money.



Definition: to motivate, pushes.
Part of speech: verb.
1- What drives young entrepreneurs like these?
2- I drive my sister in her last exam.


Make a living

Definition: Make enough money to live.
Part of speech: verb.
1- She met some people who were highly skilled at making clothes but could not make a living.
2- Some people work hard to make a living.


Mean to

Definition: To do something on purpose.
Part of speech: verb.
1- He created the world-famous eBay but he says he did not mean to start a business.
2- Last week when I was talking to you, I did't mean to hurt you.



Definition: To give a job.
Part of speech: verb.
1- She would hire them at a fair wage to make clothes that she would design.
2- Many companies hire people who don't have work.



Definition: Equal.
Part of speech: adj.
1- Life isn't always fair.
2-The judge should be fair to people.



Definition: Planning to do something, create a plan.
Part of speech: verb.
1- She designed a new logo for the company.
2- The architecture engineer design houses.



Definition: Not a product, but an action.
Part of speech: noun.
1- He started a computer service company at age fifteen.
2- Working on a police station is a difficult service.



Definition: Customers in a service business.
Part of speech: noun.
1- His clients had to pick him up and take him to work on their computers.
2- I have a meeting with clients.



Definition: To be okay with doing something.
Part of speech: adj.
1- They are willing to take risks.
2- I am willing to do my homework.



Definition: Dangerous.
Part of speech: noun.
1- They are willing to take a risks.
2- There are a lot of risks games we should stay away from them.