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What are lobby groups?

Groups that are constantly trying to persuade politicians to make choices that favour them
Eg. Farmers federation


Who forms the government?

The party that get the majority of votes, therefore, seats in the House of Representatives


What are the 5 freedoms?

Freedom of Movement
Freedom of Association
Freedom of Assembly
Freedom of Religion
Freedom of Speech


What are the 4 express rights?

Freedom of religion
Trial by jury
Compensation of acquired property
Residential non discrimination
Interstate trade


What are some limits to the freedoms

Freedom of speech- harming or hurtful acts
Freedom of association- terrorist groups
Freedom of assembly- terrorists groups and attacks
Freedom of religion- discrimination against different religions
Freedom of movement- certain people cannot come into the country for different reasons


What is direct action?

Arguments such as strikes, protests or marches. Usually more aggressive


What is indirect action

Putting ones point across through the use of partition or negotiating


What is a bill of rights

A piece of law that guarantees basic individual rights and freedoms