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Name all the levels of structural organization

The chemical level, cellular level, tissue level, organ level, organ system level, and organismal level.


What is the chemical level?

The chemical level consist of atoms which are the building blocks of life which then form molecules when combined. i.e hydrogen and oxygen form water molecules.


What is the cellular level?

The cellular level consist of cells that are made of many molecule and are the smallest units of life. e.g smooth muscle cell.


What is the tissue level?

The tissue level consist of similar cells that share a common function. e.g smooth muscle tissue.


What is the organ level?

The organ level consist of two or more tissue types that perform a specific function in the body. i.e a blood vessel distributes blood throughout the body and is made up of epithelial tissue, smooth muscle tissue, and connective tissue.


What is the organ system level?

The organ system level consist of many organ systems that work together to perform a common purpose. i.e. the cardiovascular system is made up of the heart and blood vessels and they work together to pump blood and oxygen to all the organs and tissue in the body.


What is the organismal level

The organismal level consist of all 11 organ systems and they work together to keep an organism alive. e.g. human being.