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Chapter 1 - an introduction to air power

Overview of UK air power.
Outlining its enduring utility
Introduces attributes, roles and defines air power


Chapter 3 - the foundations of air power

More detail of attributes & roles
Overview of conceptual, moral and physical components of fighting power


Chapter 4 - the employment of power

Full spectrum application of UK air power
Highlights how it integrates with other elements of military power
Overview of key air power enablers
Highlights air powers contribution to defence tasks


What does the Joint Doctrine Publication 0-30 cover?

UK Air and Space Power


Chapter 1, what are the four roles of air power?

Control of the air
Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
Air mobility


Define Control of the air

Secures our freedom of action within the air environment


Define Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance

Informs the development of understanding across all environments


Define Attack

Can coerce and influence actors into changing or maintaining behaviour


Define Air mobility

Enables movements, manoeuvre and sustainment


What are the 5 fundamental characteristics of Air power?

Height, speed, reach, agility and ubiquity


Define Height

Enables the observation and domination of activities in other domains


Define Speed

Enables the rapid and responsive projection of power


Define Reach

Enables adversaries to be influenced, regardless of location.


Define Agility and Ubiquity

Combining height, speed and reach with agility of multi-role capabilities, provide air power with ubiquity, as threats can be posed or countered across a wide area.


What is Power?

Capacity to influence the behaviour of people or the course of events and underpins the ability to influence.
Power is sub-divided into hard and soft variants.


Define Hard Power

The threat/use of coercion or a physical effect to achieve influence.
e.g. achieved through a precision guided weapon by a combat A/C employed in the attack role.


Define Soft Power

Persuade or encourage others without resourcing to hard power.
e.g. achieved through a humanitarian aid delivery by A/C employed in the air mobility role.


What is the definition of Air Power?

Using air capabilities to influence the behaviour of actors and the course of events