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What is a mineral?

Minerals are naturally occuring inorganic solid minerals composed of on element or compound


What is a rock?

A rock is a mixture of one or more minerals


How do you identify minerals?

a)Moh's hardness scale
b)shape of crystals


What is Moh's hardness scale?

Moh's hardness scale is based on "hardness" value and is on a scale from 1-10


What is lustre?

Lustre is the "shineness" of a material and depends how the light is reflected


What is streak?

Streak is when a material is rubbed across a piece of unglazed porcelein tile and it leaves a streak, the streak color is the color of the powdered form of the mineral, mineral with hardness value greater than porcelain will not leave a streak


What is cleavage and fracture?

Cleavage is if it breaks along smooth, with flat surfaces. Fracture is when minerals that break with rough or jagged edges


What are 3 types of rocks?

1.Igneous Rocks
2.Sedimentary Rocks
3.Metamorphic Rocks


What are igneous rocks?

Igneous means fire in greek, is formed when hot magma cools and solidifies, and magma is melted rock found below thw earth's crust


What are sedimentary rocks?

Sedimentary rocks are the most common type of rock on Earth's surface; formed by compacity of sediment


What are metamorphic rocks?

A metamorphic rock is a type of rock made when high pressure and heat act on on another type of rock and change into a new form