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Anatomy of the cervix consists of (2)

lower portion of uterus which is contiguous with upper portion of vagina

- exocervix & endocervix
- surrounded by paracervical tissues rich in lymph nodes


Premalignant cancer changes of cervix
1) Mild:
2) Moderate:
3) Severe:

1) Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
2) Carcinoma in situ (CIS) (a group of abnormal cells)
3) invasive disease


Persistent infection of what virus is necessary for development of cervical cancer?

Oncogenic human papillomavirus (HPV)

-certain genotype of HPV are known to be oncogenic


Factors that contribute to contracting HPV

Hx of STDs
Contraceptive use
Early onset of vaginal intercourse
Large # of sexual partners
Chronic immunosuppression


Location where most cases of invasive cervical cancer arise =

Transformation zone at the squamocolumnar junction


2 main histologic types

1) Squamous carcinoma (80%)
2) Adenocarcinoma (20%)


Cervical cancer is the ___ most common cancer in women worldwide



Incidence of invasive cervical cancer in US has decreased significantly dt what test?

Pap smears

+ bimanual pelvic examination


Metastatic patterns of cervical cancer

1) Direct extension into (5)
2) ___ ___ metastases
3) Metastasis to (3) through hematologic route

1) parametrium, vagina, lower uterine segment, abdomen, other pelvic structures
2) lymph node
3) Lung, bone, liver