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What is the biggest security vulnerability to networks today?

end users and administrators

How to mitigate:

  • user training
  • signed user agreements
  • clear company policies



How does "storm control" work on a switch?

This feature allows a switch to start "clamping" down on traffic at configurable levels. If broacast traffic is consuming more than 50% CPU resources, it can then be stopped or rate limited.


True or False: A router can be used as a site-to-site VPN endpoint?


IOS supports remote-access VPNs using SSL or IPSec in addition to being able to act as a site-to-site IPSec VPN endpoint.


What does Cisco SIO stand for?

SIO is "Security Intelligence Operations".

SIO researches and analyzes threats and prvoides realtime updates and best practices related to these threats. They deliver breaking news as it happens.