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Since IPv6 does not use broadcasts, how do IPv6 devices discover routers on the network?

Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP)

  • NDP uses the IPv6 version of ICMP


How many bits is a iPv6 address

128 bits


How is an IPv6 address laid out?

8 groups of 4 hex characters, separated by colons :



What are the rules for abbreviating a IPv6 address?


  • The :: (double colon) can be only used once, and can remove consecutive groups of zeros.
  • Preceeding zeros in an octet can be omitted  (example- "00B0" reduces to "B0")
  • An octet of all zeros can be reduced to just 0  (example- 1234:0000:ABCD reduces to 1234:0:ABCD)



What is the modified EUI-64 format?

This is used to construct the host ID of a  Link Local addresses by combining the following:

  • the Physical MAC address
  • Inserting FFFE into the middle of the MAC address
  • Modifies the 7th digit (from the left in the original MAC address) to the inverse. if it is a 0 it is turned into a 1 and vice versa.


What does a loopback address look like in IPv6?



What does an IPv6 all-node multicast addresses look like?

Always starts with FFXX:

X's are some other hex number.

FF02 is a link local in scope.

For example FF02::1

In IPv4 this was


What is the "all routers" IPv6 multicast address?


In IPv4 it was


What does a Global IPv6 Unicast address start with?

2000 to 3FFF

these are usually assigned by ISP's. They are able to be routed through the Internet.


What is an IPv6 anycast address?

An anycast address is an address that is assigned to a set of interfaces that typically belong to different nodes. A packet sent to an anycast address is delivered to the closest interface identified by the anycast address.

  • Think of this as One to "Closest"

You really can't tell the difference between a unicast address and an anycast address, in that assigning the SAME unicast address to several nodes or interfaces makes it an anycast address.

  • Nodes to which the anycast address is assigned must be explicitly configured to recognize that the address is an anycast address.


What is the IPv6 multicast address for RIPng?


In IPv4 this was


What does a solicited-node multicast address look like?


The X characters are the last 24 bits of the host ID


Which two features can be used to protect against rogue IPv6 devices?

SEND - Secure Neighbor Discovery

RA Guard - Router Advertisement guard)


What command needs to be issued in order for a router to send packets through an IPv6 network on behalf of clients?

(config)# ipv6 unicast-routing


What extra step / command needs to be issued so that EIGRP will route IPv6 packets on a router?

(config)# ipv6 unicast-routing


Which IPv6 extension can be dangerous?

Routing Header type zero

RH0 has the potential to dictate the path that a packet takes through a network. Cisco IOS disables the processing of RH0 on IPv6 packets.


How do you assign an IPv6 address to an interface?

(config-if)# ipv6 address 2001:0db8:............


How do you show IPv6 information for an interface?

#show ipv6 interface fa0/1


What is Mobile IP?

Mobile IP is designed to allow mobile device users to move from one network to another while maintaining a permanent IP address.

Sudden changes in network connectivity and IP address can cause problems. Mobile IP was designed to support seamless and continuous Internet connectivity.


Which two "types" of access lists are supported by IPv6?

named access lists

extended access lists


What two features are built-in to IPv6?

native IPsec

mobile IP