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What is domestic vs multi-domestic strategy?

1. Domestic strategy - internationalizing by exporting goods abroad as a means of seeking new markets (send products abroad and someone else sells it)
2. Multi-domestic strategy - a strategy that concentrates on the development of foreign markets by selling to foreign nationals (offices overseas - at least one person)


What is multinational strategy?

standardizing the products and services around the world for efficiency


What is global strategy?

Introduces culturally sensitive products in chosen countries with the least amount of cost - customizes the products


What are the 3 approaches to adaptive IHRM?

1. Adaptive IHRM approach
- HRM systems that will be consistent with the local economic, political, and legal environment
2. Exportive IHRM approach
- transferring home HRM systems to foreign subsidiaries without modifying or adapting to local environment
3. Integrative IHRM approach
- combining home HR practices with local practices and selecting the most qualified people for the appropriate positions no matter where these candidates come from


What are home-country nationals?

Individuals from the subsidiary country who know the foreign environment well (locals, it's their home)


What are parent-country nationals?

Individuals from headquarters who are highly familiar with the firm's products and services, as well as with the corporate culture.


What are Third-country nationals (TCNs)?

Individuals from a third country who have intensive international experience and know the corporate culture from previous working experience with corporate branches in the third country.